timeless clutch vs. flap

  1. ok, here is my new dilemma. i have the black jumbo classic caviar and just bouth the med/large in black caviar, however, hardware is different colors. should i return the med/lg for the timeless clutch??? would i get just as much use out of both??
  2. Personally, I'd likely get the timeless clutch. I prefer the size of the jumbo and at least with my priorities, I either want something like the jumbo that can go from work to play or a clutch or EW that is pretty much more for evening.

    It depends on you obviously but that is probably the way I'd go in this case. With that said, if it were to between another jumbo in a color (say red! or a buttercup yellow!) I'd get that.
  3. I think that would work really well. The timeless clutch would work for evenings and special occasions.(You'd save a bundle too you can buy two timeless clutches for less than the price of ONE classic medium)
  4. or maybe you can exchange the medium classic flap for a timeless clutch and e/w flap?
  5. I agree with Maria, a clutch and an E/W, that will mix up your collection abit more and you can have fun with different colours too
  6. Either u go for the clutch or e/w flap bag....it will be perfect for the evenings since u have a jumbo flap bag for work
  7. get the clutch since it wld widen ur collection :tup:
  8. Clutch! I love it!
  9. Get the clutch.
  10. I know I’m in the minority here but I would keep the M/L flap. I think can you wear the M/L flap for evenings and special occasions. And I love the fact that you can wear it on your shoulder or wear it as a clutch. Good luck with your decision!!
  11. Clutch, for sure! It's definitely the next Chanel on my wishlist.
  12. i'm in the same situation. i just bought the black m/l flap in s/h and ordered jumbo navy patent.:yahoo: Still debating whether i should keep both or return the medium flap. most likely, i'll return the medium and get clutch for special occation b/c jumbo is so versatile. ;)
  13. the clutch is so cute plus you save tons of money!
  14. Since you already have a Jumbo, I would get the clutch.
  15. Same here -- I'd go for the med/large flap or an E/W because I'm really bad with hand-held only bags. I also think you'd get more use out of these vs. the clutch.