Timeless Clutch vs. East/West Flap???


White caviar timeless clutch or east/west flap???

  1. Timeless clutch!

  2. East/west flap!

  3. Neither! How about a...

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  1. I'm looking to add a Chanel white caviar bag to my collection, but can't seem to decide between the timeless clutch and the east/west flap. What do you ladies think, assuming I already have a medium black caviar classic flap and black caviar timeless clutch? :shrugs:

    TIA!!! ;)
  2. East/West Flap!
  3. e/w flap because it's SOO versatile!! if you get one with an adjustable strap, you can easily turn it into a clutch so it's two-for-one! :yes:
  4. I vote --timeless clutch--very unique!
  5. Timeless Clutch
  6. i vote for timeless also. i love the shape and size plus you can fit alot more. with the e/w, its a rectangular shape and certain wallets do not fit well in it. let us know what you decide on.
  7. Yes, like Jen said it is so versatile! You will get alot of use out of it!
  8. east west! I reckon even with caviar, the constant handling is going to show up very fast! And as Jen said, it can be used as a clutch too, so much more versatile (wish it came double strapped for slinging across the chest as well, or if the timeless came with straps ...)
  9. Hmmm...it seems like the east/west flap is winning over the timeless clutch! This confirms what I was thinking over the past few days actually...

    Thanks ladies!
  10. Timeless clutch!
  11. Ditto... Also, I LOVE the idea of a clutch but inevitably don't end up using them because they're just not convenient.
  12. Defintely an east-west vote for me!
  13. may i see pic of east west flap?? thank you everyone!!
  14. i'll have to vote e/w too, though i love the timeless clutch. it will just be easier to use.
  15. You ladies are so helpful! I agree that the east/west will be more functional...and just as gorgeous!

    The wish list has been updated to reflect this new development...LOL...

    Thanks again!!! ;)