Timeless Clutch - Useful?

  1. I recently began thinking about purchasing one after seeing someone's thread on here that she was able to fit quite a lot in it, is it a pain with no handle/strap though? Where have you guys wore yours? I am not a black tie event person fyi.

  2. I wear mine in the day time and at night. It's very versatile in so much that you can really wear it whenever and whenever. It fits a lot of stuff too, unlike other clutches where you can only fit your phone and some cash.
  3. For me it's useful because I tuck it into my laptop bag when I'm traveling, but still have a purse to carry when I go out to eat. The lack of handle has not bothered me much.

    I read in Harpers that clutches were going out of style though, and that chain handle bags and bags with long straps were coming in. Not that what's in style should change your decision about the clutch, if it's really something you love.
  4. i wish it comes with a detachable chain. it would look so cute worn as messenger stle.
  5. I find it a bit troublesome to carry it without a strap but it'll definitely be useful as a 'shopping' bag for me after work. I can just put it in my huge work bag that I wouldn't lug around. :smile:

    It's my formal dinner bag too .
  6. Hope it is cause I am getting one!
  7. I love it - just adorable!
  8. i think its cute. it not tooo trendy either. so u can use it in the years to come. however i read on purseblog that long strap bags are out. and that short straps/hang hold only are in.
  9. its not useful to me but i loooove it so much
  10. I disagree with Harper's Bazaar--clutches will always be cute.

    I love mine; it is the perfect size, too.
  11. Love mine.
    Lack of a strap hasn't bothered me yet.
  12. I have two and love them both! I've used them for brunches or day lunches, and of course out at night. I don't use it while running errands or shopping, since without a strap it would be too hard to power shop :smile: I am usually a girl who only likes purses with straps, but I really love the clutch and its versatility, and have gotten use to not having a strap. Its very easy to carry.
  13. I agree! :yes:
  14. I used mine for the first time this weekend to attend a wedding. It held a lot! my phone, small wallet, digital camera, 2 lipsticks, compact, keys and a kleenex. I'm used to having a strap but this was easy to hold.
  15. Hi shmoo88, my I ask did you get them in caviar, lamb or patent? iI want to get a black one, but can't decide which one? Is lamb really that difficult to take care of?