Timeless Clutch question

  1. I have seen some of the black timeless clutches with black interiors and others with red / wine interiors...what determines the difference? Year produced? :confused1:
  2. I read somewhere before that the caviar had black interior while the lambskin (at least at one point) had the burgundy interior.
  3. my black caviar has black inside.
  4. hmmmm...I just got the lambskin in black on Thursday and it has a black interior. And Swanky's black caviar has a black lining. So your info, missisa07I leads me to believe as well, maybe it was the earlier production of the black timeless clutch.

    I like the contrast of the wine lining...but I can't decide if it truly would be better to have the clutch with the wine lining or in the black as I currently have.
  5. My black lambskin clutch has a burgandy interior too. I got it almost a year ago. I really like the contract too, thats one reason I fell in love with it.

  6. See, there I go now wanting the contrasting lining.....:crybaby: