Timeless clutch question

  1. For those that have them already, how much do they hold? Would you say about what fits inside the small classic?
  2. According to Tammy518's post in a previous thread:

    "The Timeless Clutch will hold a short wallet, large cell phone, keys, checkbook, lipgloss and hand cream. Maybe a few more small items loose in the bottom."
  3. Because of it's shape, it's actually quite generous in size. Probably holds more than most clutches. I would agree with the statement above.
  4. I have found that it does not hold too much, but the necessities. This is what I am able to fit comfortably: Chanel glossimers lipgloss, Chanel oil-blotting sheets case, id wallet, small cellphone, thin/small cell phone, gum and sunglasses.