Timeless clutch or soft n chain pouchette?

  1. Just bought the timeless clutch but after seeing pics of the soft n chain pouchette I am wondering whether I should exchange the clutch for the pouchette? Which one?:confused1:
  2. is the soft and chain pochette the one with the little CC medallion as the zipper pull??

    i'll reserve my vote until i find the soft n chain pochette.
  3. depends on the occassion. I like both!! But the pouchette is skinny. If I put my make up and stuff in, i'm afraid it'll bulge and look ugly.

    The timeless clutch is so much more classy and more versatile. Depending on what you wear, you can bring it to formal occasions or just use it as a day clutch.
  4. Thanks for reply__You are right_ The timeless clutch holds more and is more versatile_thanks!
  5. I prefer the timeless clutch - so elegant and sleek! :smile:

  6. I have the soft chain pochette..I like it better...obviously..lol
  7. I love the clutch!
  8. ok i just found pics. i prefer the timeless clutch, love it!
  9. Me too. Pouchette.
  10. i think the timeless clutch would get more use, but the pochette is sooooooo cute.
  11. It looks good on you jill! But i don't think i can pull it off...I'm much fatter than you are. LOL! :crybaby:
  12. my vote goes to the timeless clutch too
  13. i like both.. have the pochette but still looking for a clutch! :love: