Timeless clutch or mini flap?

  1. I was thinking of getting a new bag to wear for a regular evening out and was wondering which one of these you ladies think is better. I was considering the mini flap (I think that's the one I saw recently, but would love to confirm that) or the timeless clutch. Both in black (sorry to be a bit boring!) By the way, I'm not interested in formal b/c I think I'm okay in that area. Mostly something to wear out to dinner on a Sat. night or with a non-work suit here and there. :heart:Thanks!!
  2. I'll go for timeless clutch.

    It's cute... especially for evening wear
  3. i think the clutch would be more formal
    and the mini flap would be more casual like you would be able to wear the mini flap in the daytime as well but i wouldnt wear the clutch during the daytime
  4. timeless clutch
  5. I'll go for timeless clutch or a small classic flap...mini flap is too small for my taste, and I think the small flap is much more proportion.
  6. Does any one know how the mini flap and small flap compare in size and price? I'm not positive about which one I looked at. Also, how casual do you think the timeless clutch can go? Really, I would like both, but I don't think DH will understand two bags for Christmas! Ideas?
  7. Go for the clutch.
  8. Small is rectangular... Mini is like... cigarette box length-ways rectangular (does that make any sense...)

    Timeless clutch isn't going to be very casual for every day stuff, but some girls have suggested using it as a purse to put into you're everyday bag...
  9. Although I don't own either the clutch or the mini flap, the clutch holds more -- way more. Have you compared the dimensions?

    Is there a reason why the clutch wouldn't be used for day time? I picture it being more versatile and not limited to just evening use only.
  10. Clutch.
  11. Eg 1: Shopping
    - holding a clutch in ur hand while juggling clothes = not fun
    - looks okay but not very comfortable holding under ur arm
    I'll think of more examples when it's not 3 in the morning lol
  12. I'm wondering if I have the mini mixed up with the small. Time to run over to Saks to look again. As far as the clutch - I can see carring it if I was going to a luncheon or a daytime wedding, but I'm a mommy with lots of stuff, so I think my GST is better for most days. Now you ladies have me leaning toward the timeless clutch. Do you think I could do the clutch (maybe in black) with nice jeans for a Sat. evening out?
  13. Definitely.
    Casual enough to wear out for dinners but not so casual that you can do everyday thing with it? (IMO)
  14. Thinking back to my club days, I would prefer having a small because of the chain. At least I could hang it on me rather than trying to clutch the clutch while staggering home. Ah, those were the days -- of excess!! In these mature years (huh), the clutch is elegant and sophisticated.
  15. Clutch. Cheaper. More versatile and more elegant. But I prefer a clutch with removable chain.