Timeless Clutch Modeling Pics Pls

  1. can anyone pls post pics of the timeless clutch being modeled/used :yes: I'm planning to buy the clutch and would love to see it being modeled before getting one .. tia ;)
  2. Here ya go!
  3. ohh vixy thank you so much its goorgeoous on you and it totally matches your watch :woohoo: :love: :tender: :happydance:
  4. I posted this pic on another thread before.
  5. cutestmomever you look stunning :woohoo: :tender: im definitely getting the clutch !
  6. wow~~ u guys wear it well!! congratz!!
  7. Aaagh *slaps hands over eyes* - I shouldn't have looked at this thread! Vixy & CutestMom, the clutches look AMAZING on you both. Now Cal wants one :yes:
  8. ^same here cal! ladies, you look great.
  9. Looks really nice. Does it come in any other color? Say white or red?
  10. yes it does, it comes in white, red, purple .. i think purple is hard to find
  11. Great bag. I love seeing the modeling pics!
  12. beautiful ladies!:girlsigh: