Timeless Clutch...lambskin or caviar? Black or Red?

  1. I'm so torn and want to decide before I miss the boat on this one. I'm pretty sure I'll go with black, but what are your thoughts on the lambskin vs. the caviar? This will be my first chanel so I'm not well educated on the differences.

  2. well caviar is far more durable.
    I chose caviar since I hold the clutch in my hand instead of with a strap. I'm afraid of makeup, oil, dirt, food, etc. . . damaging mine.
    If it had a strap, I'd go for lamb.
  3. I bought the caviar too and in red for it's durability and low maintenance. Swanky's right bout it being held in the hand hence Caviar's the best bet.

    Whichever you choose would make a great first Chanel purchase :smile:
  4. I saw both the caviar and the lambskin ones at Saks in PA yesterday..Id go for caviar for duarability..Both are TDF though!!!LOL!...u cant go wrong with either!(Im borin so Id get black over red!)
  5. Do anyone know how much the price is this fall?
  6. $995 for now, that's w/ a recent increase.
  7. Did it just go up a hundred?

    I swear it was $895 when I first started looking at it.
  8. I would get red caviar. Love red bags.
  9. Yup it just went up, 2 months ago, I believe.

    Hm, I talked with Chanel SA recently and she said that they don't carry red anymore.
  10. I would get red caviar. I'm a bit of a red freak and red is more rare.
  11. I've seen a red caviar one at Saks OR abt a month ago..
    You can give them a call if necessary, asked for Whitney. She's very helpful
  12. Red lambskin :tup: hands down. $1195 at NM

    I saw it last week and it was beautiful. Not as durable as caviar but if its only for special occasion, it won't get dirty as fast as everyday bag.
  13. I would go for caviar in black, it's more classic
  14. I would def go with caviar. Now red vs. black...that is a harder decision!
  15. Black caviar - it's classic, versatile, and durable. Not to mention super hot and fabulous!!!