Timeless Clutch is available...

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  1. Neiman Marcus in boca raton has a black caviar and I think may still have a white in the caviar. 561-417-5151
    Neiman Marcus in Coral Gables has a white caviar and may have others. Ask for Ana 786-999-1000

    I know some of you are looking for them, but I haven't read through the post to see if you found them. There seem to be plenty around. Both me and my sister got one in Boca today and that was after they filled their wait list.
  2. What about the Perforated ones? Do they have the blue? Thanks.
  3. I know Boca had the white. I know I say the blue at some point but I'm not sure if they had it yesterday. They had alot of merchandise come it though, so it might be worth a call.
  4. I saw Perfo Clutch in Navy at NM, Troy last weekend.
    Call my SA Lisa at 248-635-8442
  5. Thankyou....will call her.
  6. i just called boca raton NM- they don't have the black caviar anymore, but there is still one more white caviar and a black lambskin.
  7. Does anyone knows if Saks has timeless clutch available? It seems to me that everyone has got the order from NM and Chanel boutique. I would like to get one in black but haven't had time to call Saks.

    Thanks so much, jennifer for the update. I don't have to call NM to check for the availability of the black one.
  8. NM in Coral Gables has white caviar, and black, white and blue perforated.
    Ana 786-999-1000
  9. If you're looking for one at Saks vs. NM because of a location issue, you can always call NM and do a charge and send. Shipping is pretty reasonably priced. :yes:
  10. I'm waitlisted at Saks too and haven't heard from them.I wonder why Neiman's got a shipment before Saks.
  11. I am waitlisted at Saks for a gorgeous brick red but have not heard!!!!
  12. I saw one in black patent at Saks in Orlando, FL yesterday...it was gorgeous.
  13. I have a black caviar on the way and I can't wait!