Timeless clutch in...???

  1. I called my SA yesterday looking for the cruise satin clutch in black, but she told me that it was sold out from the first day. Then she told me that she has one classic clutch in satin..
    I asked her if she meant to say the timeless clutch, and she said yes. She said it was black and with silver hardware, and around $970

    My question is, did the timeless clutch ever come in satin??
    If not, what do you think she meant?
  2. Yes, it came in Satin. I saw a black satin one in the RTW section of Chanel on 57th last week.
  3. I believe it did... Not 100% sure but I think so.
  4. Yes, I've seen it at Saks in Atlanta, I think the price was $995.
  5. Yes there is a satin timeless clutch with silver hardware.
  6. Yes, I've seen a satin one in the boutique several weeks ago! I think it looks much prettier than the one from cruise line.
  7. Thanks guys. I'm going to get it today.
  8. Do post pics when you get it! :yes:
  9. I've seen it and it's gorgeous. Very dressy but still wearable.

    Post action pics!! :tup: