Timeless Clutch in white a practical choice?? Anyone have pics of the black patent?

  1. Hi gals, I am now hooked on the idea of getting a timeless clutch hehe, esp since it is kinda "affordable" as far as Chanel bags go, and before the next price increase. I have always thought it was a LOVELY bag but I'm not that much of a clutch person, and what really tipped the scales was when I saw posts about how much you can fit into this bag!!!

    Okay so now I am torn about what colour to get. I will probably get caviar instead of lambskin cos it's cheaper and more durable, narrowed it down to black, white or black patent (if that's available). What do you gals think??? I don't really have any white bags, but that's also because I am not really a "white-bag" kinda gal and it wouldn't go with much of my wardrobe.

    On the other hand, the white is soooo beautiful! And I find the black a little boring IMO, plus I already have a few black clutches/tiny evening bags...Haven't seen the black patent yet, no pics posted, so maybe that would change my mind if anyone posted pics?? Helpp!!!
  2. i love black patent and im waiting for mine to come..heres the pics copy from here - catalogue in the reference library! i do think black and white caviar are practical, and goes well with jeans too!!
    timeless clutch.jpg
  3. red would probably be more versatile than the white, but if the choice is black or white I would definitely go black and for sure patent if available...
  4. I have it in white. The black is nice, but the white just really POPS with any outfit.

    I want to get the black patent as well.
  5. shiny, I vote for black or red caviar.

    I think the humidity plays a part in turning white bags yellow. I asked a Chanel SA in the Spore boutique about the white on black cambon (long ago) and he admitted that white does have a tendancy to turn yellow over time despite taking care of it.
  6. Hi Missisa07, do you think the white clutch is more for day time? as I can't picture how I could use it for a formal night event.
  7. ive been told also that the glue between the panels can have a reation with the leather and turn the white to yellow.
  8. I wear mine day and night and have gotten many compliments so far! It's prob one of my favorite bags, very versatile.

    If you're thinking of black, I'd go for the black patent over the normal black.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Here's Rachel Bilson carrying the white caviar (?) at night.

  12. You gals are all SOOO Awesome!! Thank you so much, esp sweetkady and missisa for posting the pics of the black patent. It is ABSOLUTELY TDF! Now to find me one of those!!! Do you know if the black patent is the same price as the caviar?
  13. Black patent retails 1125 according to my SA..:p
  14. i love the black caviar.....it's on my list!
  15. Ooh ooh, sweetkady does your SA have any more? Does she do orders by email? Can you pleeeease PM me her email addy if she does? Thank you!!!!! I can't take my eyes off the pic of the black patent!!