timeless clutch in beige claire or black caviar??

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  1. i just place an order for the timeless clutch A32342 $1395 in beige claire caviar.

    The SA told me they only have beige claire & black available.

    I chose beige claire as i already have couple of black/dark color bags, but i am not sure if i make the right decision.

    It seems that black caviar seems more versatile & stains/dirt will not be so obvious on it.

    Actually i am more worried about beige claire being a rather light color, will be more proned to obvious stains, as my hand will be touching the clutch all over since will be using more as an evening clutch..

    anyone here with beige claire colored clutch/bags willing to give me some advice?

    i have the picture of the beige claire clutch for you guys as reference. It was taken from some of the tpfer post..


  2. Personally I'd go with black - especially for a handheld/underarm clutched purse:smile:
  3. Ditto that!! And I think the black clutch looks more luxurious.
  4. Black for me. Easier to maintain and not so easily dirty.
  5. I would be adding this to my collection and am waiting for a red. If between the 2, I choose black!
  6. Black because you have to hold it with your hand
  7. Same sentiments.... Wanted a beige cos I also have many blacks but I am afraid of the handling may cause a 2-tone on the beige after a while
  8. For a handheld bad I wouldn't go with a light color.
  9. is there a red for the clutch this season..

    was told only beige & black..
  10. I would go with black. easy to maintain, looks so chic.
  11. Love the beige but agree with all the other ladies because its hand held I would be worried about it getting dirty, love the black & its care free but if you love the beige then go with that.
  12. I just bought chanel pst in beige 2 months ago though i think its nice but its hard to take care.after using it i have to check whether there is any stains on the bag..in ur case i choose the black cos it so beautiful compared to the beige..And also for my beige pst everytime there is a stain i used a wet tissue to wipe it off which i dont know how it got there..
  13. For this clutch I personally think it looks a lot better in black and more versatile. I just ordered and waiting for it to arrive.
  14. have decided to heed the advice of you guys & change the clutch to black caviar instead...
  15. I wanted a black cluthc when they came out a few years back(and for 895.00 I might add!!) but they were so popular that I choice another color. I bought the grey and it was the best choice I could have made! It is versatile with all black which is what I usually wear it with-adds that pop of color-but is still so elegant. I would choose the red , black is beautiful-haha- but all black clothing and bag is kinda blah.
    Good luck-I do like the beige, but it would seem to get dirty easier