Timeless Clutch in Beige Caviar or Lambskin?

  1. Does anyone know if the timeless clutch was ever made in beige caviar or lambskin? This would be the perfect color for me and it seems like a basic they would have come out with. But I've checked a lot of the pics on TPF and have not seen one in beige. Thanks!
  2. there is a beige one at nm in newport. the sa is really nice. i don't know if its lamb or caviar though. good luck!
  3. blush patent! haha.
  4. ???? it's blush? confused. well sorry then...she said over the phone beige, i thought, when i got my white one! well good luck!
  5. Thank you so much! I hope they still have it tomorrow morning. Thanks again!
  6. i believe "beige" is the official name of the color we've been calling "blush" patent on tPF.
  7. Call Barbara at the NM in Troy, Michigan. She is AMAZING!!