Timeless clutch...get it now!!

  1. Just got a call..my timeless clutch is in ...and my SA says there are a few more! Black lambskin and white caviar...GO FOR IT!

    Call Barbara at NM Troy, MI at (248) 635-1745. She's the best!
    Mine is on the way! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Congrats lov2shop! I might call them this weekend :biggrin:
  3. Oooo mew...they may be gone by then!
  4. Ohh so tempting lov2shop!!!
  5. I would definitely call NOW...these things go FAST!!! :yes:
  6. I just called her. She is not at the store but will call me in the morning to let me know if they have a black clutch. I have a white caviar timeless clutch and am looking for a black clutch. Thank you lov2shop!!!!!!
  7. She just called me back and said she has a clutch in black lambskin on hold for me and is sending it to me on Wednesday.....I am so excited. You are the best lov2shop. Thank you. :yahoo:
  8. I really want this clutch but my money is saved for some Act II stuff. If only I knew when the Act II stuff comes in then I would know whether I can get the clutch or not. Ah decision decisions.
  9. OH! I am so happy for you!!! Just passing on the good word--pinkpiano turned me on to Barbara and she is the best!!

    BTW, you'll have to change your name to LovingChanel!!:heart:
  10. does anyone has any pics of the timeless clutch ? :smile: i dont know how it looks like
  11. ^^ there are some photos of the PFers timeless clutch in the reference thread under "evening bags"
  12. How much is the timeless clutch in caviar? I wanted to get one of these for a Xmas party last year, but I wasn't able to get it in time. I definitely need to get one.
  13. Here's a pic of my black caviar. These are great little clutches!

  14. Lambskin is $995, caviar is $895.
  15. tammy thnk you so much your clutch is gorgeous !! now i want one too how much would fit into the clutch ?

    lov2shop - thanks for the prices