Timeless Clutch closure problem???


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Jun 6, 2007
So my mother recently purchased the Timeless Clutch in black caviar and to me the bag seemed perfect. However, tonight her best friend came over and they were looking at the purse together. Her friend brought something to our attention. The closure of the clutch doesn't seem to close all the way and makes noise. Lemme try and explain. It snaps fine, but the two parts don't stay touching. There is a bit of room and you can push it together even when it's snapped shut. When you do this, it makes a little noise, like a clicking sound.

Is this normal?? I just can't seem to remember. I had the clutch once myself many years ago, but stupidly returned it. I was trying so hard to remember if my old one did this, but I just can't recall.

I appreciate help on this because if it's not normal, she will need to exchange. Unfortunately though, the store she got it from is all sold out now and being Christmas time, who knows when they will get replenished.

Sweet D

Jun 4, 2011
Las Vegas, NV
My Timeless Clutch closes all the way and doesn't make a clicking noise. I would exchange it, even if you have to wait for a new one.


Jul 9, 2008
New York, NY
Definitely exchange it, it shouldn't be doing that. If you were to repair it, it would take forever (I know from replacing the clasp of my TC).