Timeless Clutch: Caviar or Lambskin?

  1. I'm new with Chanel and I was just wondering which one is cheaper and which one is easier to care for? Thanks in advance:yes:
  2. i think Caviar is cheaper and easier to take care of, however, lambskin is more fragile but looks fabulous!!:yes:
  3. Caviar is DEFINITELY easier to care for as the texture is pebbled and a lot tougher as compared to the soft and silky lambskin.

    Caviar is cheaper than Lambskin.
  4. they're right!

    Although, lambskin is easier to take care of now than it once was, there's a finish they put on it, it's not as delicate as it once was.
  5. cavier is easier... but they both are fabulous..
    i am finding that the caviar's scratch easier too..
    I do love the feel of the cavier
  6. caviar
  7. i love caviar leather much more than lambskin.. its a matter of preference i guess but lambskin gets scratched easily and with time the bag looks overused even if u use it few times thats my own experience.. but with caviar leather after years and years of use.. the bag remains the same and looks brand new!
  8. I agree with everyone else. The cavier is more hearty and the lambskin you need to be more careful with it. They're both beautiful.
  9. Caviar! mi cuero favorito!!!
  10. Caviar for sure. Lambskin is beautiful and luxurious, but scruffs very easily.
  11. Lambskin for sure! I think it looks more expensive and luxurious.
  12. like the girls mentioned caviar is cheaper and easier to care for
    but when you walk into the store you jusdt can't say no to the lambskin
    it's just so luxurious!
  13. Go caviar with your first... as the others have said, it's cheaper and much easier to care for!
  14. I have both and in my experience, caviar is MUCH easier to take care of!!!! I have a black reissue (lambskin..:heart: ) and a purple timeless classic clutch (caviar). I use the clutch a LOT more than the Reissue because I just grab it and go. I don't have to worry about getting it scratched when I open it, put it down, etc. But, as everyone else said, lambskin is just breathtaking!!!! I say get caviar for your first bag and lambskin for your second. Both are fabulous though!!!!

    P.S. Caviar leather also has this yummy smell that I just LOVE! Lambskin doesn't seem to have it.
  15. caviar for me too...i dun think i will get a lambskin chanel unless its the re-issue cos there are no other alternative.

    caviar is somewhere $100 cheaper than the lambskin (correct me if i'm wrong).

    CAVIAR all the way