Timeless clutch ... again

  1. I can't just be thinking about it. It's time for me to do some action and really buy one. I've been yearning for one in white lambskin, but I want to know how much they are. Do any of you know? I know the one in caviar is about $990 + tax but in lambskin i have no idea. I want to know if it's cheaper to buy it in NYC instead of Europe. (Belgium has already increases their prices last week, so didn't dare to ask)
  2. increase the price for the timeless clutch? really?
  3. I think the lambskin is around $1100-1195
  4. Don't know anything about the price being cheaper there or here.........but you'll love the bag.

    Post pictures when you get it.:yes:
  5. I'm not sure about the timeless clutch, but she couldn't give me the new price for the GST or Classic flap in medium, since they just increased the prices the day before. For what i understood it was for the majority of the collections, all the prices were new. However this was in Antwerp/Belgium and not in the US