Timeless Classics Accordion Flap

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    My SA just got this in in black, $2575. It's beautiful. If you are interested, call Meagan Cox at Neiman Marcus Downtown (214)741-6911 x2518
  2. I love this bag:love: Do you know if it has an outside pocket oon the back or a cell pocket inside? Thanks!
  3. I posted a question about this on the Chanel forum: is THIS the name of the bag? If you ask for a "TImeless Classics Accordion FLap" the SA will know what your are talking about? There are SO many names flying around for this specific bag, that I don't really think anyone knows what it is called, lol. TIA :p

  4. that's the name my SA told me. i hope it's right!!:p this one is washed caviar.
  5. Yes this is the name. It is the new addition to the TC collection and I love the black washed caviar. NM San Antonio got the black and I love all the compartments on the inside. For sure my new favorite!
  6. NM received the washed white. Is this the same as the beige color?
  7. oh god, this bag is absolutely beautiful. I thought I had satisfied my Chanel urges but after seeing this beauty.......
  8. No outside pocket, but it does have a small pocket right underneath the flap, perfect for a cell phone!
  9. It def has plenty of room inside! It's just lovely. If I donated some blood, a kidney, and my left lung, this bag would be mine!
  10. What are the measurements,please, if anybody knows? Thanks

  11. Hi I don't believe so (at least not in Canada)
    Here is some info that I have from my Canadian contacts

    The name of this lovely bag is
    New Timeless CC Flap
    classic bag with flap
    it is from the New Timeless Collection
    colors that I know about in Canada are Black, White

    I am looking at the gorgeous picture of the white one right now and it is WHITE not beige in any way at all
    The price I was told is $2500.00
    The measurments are as follows

    approx : 8 1/2" X 12'' X 5 1/2''

    My gal also told me that the leather is a caviar calf leather so it is very durable for everyday use. On the inside, it is fabric.

    The white one is the one that I have my gal working on getting for me, can't wait to see it in real life :love:

    So far I have seen pics of the black one posted

    and the beige one but none of the white so far.

    Hope this info helps the ones that were interested in more info:flowers:
  12. ^ there is a white one pictured on chanel.com.
    the one in the picture in the first post is the light beige.

    i just got this bag. it is very roomy and the leather is washed caviar. it's matte looking and the leather is very soft. it measures 12.5" x 9" x 5.5".
  13. ^I JUST got this bag(AND another one..LOL!) today!Its bigger than I thought...VERY CUTE BAG!!!!!
  14. i went to chanel.com and seen the white one, i also have the catalogue in real life and the one pictured is the white one, this is when i strted to fall for it.

    congratulations on you purchase :girlsigh:
    which color did you choose and how are you enjoying it so far?:heart: