timeless classic or clutch which one should I get?

  1. Thank you very much for helping me choose between the metallic black and dark silver.

    The dark silver reissue I have been waiting for is coming soon:smile: i am so excited:yahoo:

    This morning I received a call from a chanel boutique and told about the March 1 price

    increase:sad: I was planning to get a black clutch in caviar but when he sent me a picture

    of timeless classic in salmon color then my problem started:confused1: which do you

    think should I get? please help:smile: thanks again.
  2. get the clutch if you don't already own one
  3. Personally, I wouldn't use a clutch as much as another bag. It all really depends on what you would get the most use of....
    Let us know what you decide.
    BTW, I have a salmon e/w flap and love the colour!!!
    And congrats on the dark silver.
  4. can you post a pic of the salmon color?
  5. if you plan to have lots of night outs, i'd say go for the clutch!! even tho it's not as versatile as the flap, it' jut too adorable :smile:

    p. do you know if the price increase applies to UK too? and does it apply to all items? TIA :smile:
  6. i wuld prefer a bag then a clutch as for me, i know i will not use clutch that often....:smile:
  7. I guess it depends on what you already own and what is best suited to your lifestyle. If I had to make that decision, I would go with the clutch.

  8. hi! thanks a lot for the help. I'm sorry but I don't have an idea if the price increase applies to UK:sad:
  9. Thanks krystl,bagmad, lola, celia and victoria for the help:smile:

    I'm sorry Lola, i want to show you the picture of the samon flap but the file is too big, can't post it:sad:
  10. Go for the clutch. I have a few clutches and I love them. I even use them during the day with my jeans and tees. But if you need your hands (for example carryng kids) don't do the clutch...its quite a pain!
  11. Clutch... it's a great staple!
  12. Thanks for the suggestion:smile: how about a metallic purple wallet on a chain VS a black or white caviar clutch?:confused1: thanks.:smile:
  13. Thanks for the help:smile:
  14. Well, I'd go for the clutch in black only because I don't know what I'd wear the salmon classic with. However, I think the salmon classic is probably harder to find, so if you think you'll end up with both some day, definitely get the salmon bag while you can.
    I find that I carry the clutch more than my other Chanels:smile: yet my favorite by far is the classic flap! I think I've only carried my classic flap like 5 or 6 times and I've had it for around 10 months already. Makes no sense, right?