Timeless Classic Day at SCP

  1. I was at SCP today and was so happy to spot 3 ladies with authentic Chanel bags. With the plethora of fake designer bags contaminating the OC, it was truly a pleasant sight! :smile:I spotted a black caviar jumbo classic flap, a medium caviar beige classic flap, and a black caviar medallion tote. And with my white caviar classic flap, it was quite an abundance of Chanel classics on a pretty sparse shopping day.

    To report, nothing too interesting at the Chanel boutique. I passed getting CC earrings for Chloe sunnies. Anyone going to trunk show tomorrow or wed?
  2. i'm planning on hitting the trunk show wed. morning and hopefully picking up my pearls if they get an early fed ex shipment. i'll be using my grey jumbo so hope to see ya there! :smile:
  3. oh, can anyone post what the times for the trunk show at SCP are? i wonder where my invite is...
  4. ^i was told it's an all day sort of thing.