Timeless/Classic colors...

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  1. Today,I was wondering to myself what colors in purses are generally considered classics or timeless.I love all the new S/S colors but will you still be able to wear any of them 5 years from now?

    IMO black,brown,white/ivory,tan and red.

    What do you think?
  2. -black

    I think the brighter colors can be worn indefinitely as long as they're more muted, as in not overly saturated or acidic in tone.
  3. I also think that they shouldn't be in "Neon" colors.
  4. Navy blue - always underappreciated imo!!
  5. I agree...burgundy and navy.
  6. I love black, brown, white, and navy as classic
  7. for sure!

    also, grey IMO.
  8. I think Grey is the most amazing, timeless color. I personally don't own any black, brown or white bags, but I have 4 grey bags.

    It's such a versatile color!
  9. Black
    Any shade of brown
    Emerald/Dark Green
    True Red
    Navy Blue
  10. Any shade of brown and beige looks timeless. Also burgundy, red, grey and cream. I don't wear much black and don't own any black bag. I dread the all-black look.
  11. I agree with everyone. Black, brown, red, cognac, grey, and wine. However I think bright color bags go in and out, so somewhere along the line, I think it's bound to come back again. That's why I have every color of the rainbow (or at least am trying to).
  12. For me bright color will be in as long as I like to wear them. Adding bright colored purses to a classic,tailored outfit always works for me.
  13. I'll just add that high quality, tasteful hardware also adds to how classic/timeless a bag is.
  14. I agree. As for the colours:


    All other coulours can also be timeless as long as they are muted, as someone already mentioned, not too bright. Of course, I love brightly coloured bags, but I don't think they are timeless.
  15. And yeah, I don't like red at all.