Timeless Classic Clutch in Purple Caviar...*PICS*

  1. I wanted to get this in black but the boutique said it is sold out almost everywhere, so I decided to go with purple. Oh, it is so gorgeous!!!!! I wear mostly black, pink and gray, so purple should be a nice accent to those colors.

    What do you think? I would like HONEST opinions!!!!

    Thank you!
    clutch5.1.JPG clutch4.1.JPG clutch1.1.JPG
  2. And a couple more pics...
    clutch2.1.JPG clutch3.1.JPG
  3. I LOVE it! I didn't even know it was available in this color, I love the purple! I want one!
  4. very cute!
  5. Beautiful ...... !!! TDF :love:

    If its Chanel, its Classic
  6. THANK YOU!!!!

    The NYC boutique had one left on Sunday. If you want it, give them a call!
  7. Thank you everyone!
  8. i love it!! congrats!
  9. TDF!! What a CUTE purse in a cute COLOR!
  10. Your bag is simply stunning!!!!!!!
  11. I love the shape of the Timeless clutch. Very chic. Congratulations!
  12. A yummy color! I think it's an awesoem color for an awesoem clutch!

    It'd be great if you could post pics w/ info in the Classic pieces thread in the Reference Library :ye:
  13. i love it also!!! very cute and stylish!! Its my favorite shade of purple, actually, i love all purple Chanel's CONGRATS! Its a keeper :smile:
  14. Thank you, Swanky and everyone else!

    I posted pics and info about this clutch as well as my other new pieces in the Chanel Reference Library thread. Thank you for reminding me! :yes:
  15. Lovely. Congrats.