Timeless CC Tote - Color availability?

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  1. I am really interested in this bag. I had purchased a GST about a year ago, but it's so heavy and bulky to carry, it just sits in my closet. Plus the shoulder strap falls down, no matter how I try to tuck it under the other strap.

    I saw the Timeless CC tote in Black with SHW, and the SA told me that was the only color it was available in. Has anyone seen this tote in any other color? I was really wanting a dark beige to use as an everyday spring/summer bag.
  2. A month or two ago, I saw a blue one at my local Saks. I think it's kind of a teal blue.
  3. Thank you! Which Saks location? I was really wanting a beige bug not having any luck
  4. When I bought mine it also came in red. Not sure if it still does, but there was no beige.
  5. Saks in New York City. If you have trouble getting through on the phone and/or want my SA's contact info, just PM me.
  6. Sorry I had to delete my reply because I posted in the wrong thread! :shame: