Timeless CC Tote-buy or not?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I would love some advice. What do you think of the Timeless CC Soft Tote? Picture attached borrowed from spotted fashion. I am considering buying a pre-loved mint one and as you know, it's now discontinued. I was in NM today and the SA there said it is a very dated style! I think it's beautiful and very classic. I think it would be a good travel purse as I heard it has a strong magnetic clasp even though it doesn't have a zipper. What do you think? My Saks SA told me a new tote will come out later this year but she has no info on size, colours, etc. should I wait for that instead?

    Thanks so much!

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  2. I forgot to say that the tote I'm considering getting isn't red, but a dark pink.
  3. I think I would wait...I just think this is subpar to the GST. What about the Cerf Tote? There is a new tote that just came out for sorting/summer that looks nice but I cannot remember what it is called...
  4. I think there were 2 very similar versions that were released around the same time. The one you have pictured does have a zipper compartment in the center.
  5. Wait and see what's new coming up
    Make comparison
  6. I like it. I have a feeling if they reintroduced this exact bag, the SA would say Oh, yes, it is very modern and trendy! SA wants you to buy new from him/her. Do you like it? That is the main thing.
  7. I really like this style! If you love it, get it :smile:
  8. I really love the look of this bag and think it's much for functional than the gst. But it wouldn't hurt to wait and see either.
  9. I have this in the black and it's a great, easily wearable and functionable bag. Don't let one SA's advice sway you-most of us are more on top of the Chanel news than they are!
  10. I think it has a very classic look to it. If you like it then you should get it. Totes are very practical!
  11. I agree with gail13. Many of those on this forum proven themselves knowing much more than any and all of the SAs I buy from. I think this look more classic and timeless than most of the tote bags I've seen since I fell in love with Chanel September 2015. I cannot understand how this functional and timeless (with great proportion and design though at the same time) tote would look "dated". I also want to add that this tote's RED is a very saturated looking and beautifully bright - such a gorgeous shade.
  12. What I love about this style is that is fits under your arm so easily....and there are pockets!

    Some people don't care for any logo's on their bags and that's a personal choice. Chanel has other iconic styles with logos -the petit shopper, the GST, and the new CC Filagree bag this season has them too. I bet you are getting for a great price!

  13. Okay I feel that they're coming out with so many new totes...also they've got lovely colours.
    I'd wait it out for another tote !
  14. I have this bag in Black and Red and I LOVE it. Does not slip off my arm like the GST. It really comes down to what you prefer. And your SA is wrong, it is not a dated style :smile:
  15. This is the Tote I just bought from the Store since they still had this style. Although it is not the same as the Red one, this is also called the Timeless Tote. It has a snap closure and two snap pockets on the outside. I don't think it is dated and it is the most comfortable tote while shopping and running errands. There is a newer version that came out and although it is gorgeous, it is priced at $4600 compared to $3100 for this one.

    Sorry pic. is on the next post.
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