Timeless CC Satchel (medium)

  1. Good news for those Chanel fans who is looking for this lovely Timeless CC Satchel $1995, please call Bonnie @ Saks fifth (310-887-5355) and told her you refer by Annie, remember to do a pre-sale for the EGC event next Thursday. I need to pass it coz just purchased a MC hobo and Wallet on Chain last week.
  2. Kerokeroannie, thanks for sharing that info...
  3. anyone have the style number on this bag
  4. does anyone know if this bag comes in other colors?
  5. I'd love to know if it comes in other colors also. :drool:
  6. I thought I saw it in brown at Saks NYC.
  7. oooh it's cute! I just saw it irl tonight.
  8. It comes in beige too! awesome looking! much better than a lv speedy!
  9. What color brown? Chocolate?
  10. Oh I really want this bag...is it caviar leather?