TIMELESS CAVIAR CLUTCH in black w old price

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  1. Hello
    Just saw the thread and the clutch on neiman online is still w old price, but sold out already. anyone has seen it in neiman store with the old price? Please let me know since price has been increased in Hong Kong and it'll save me a lot if order on neiman w the old price. Thanks

  2. ^I believe that they got the caviar timeless clutch at the old price by ordering online/phone through catalog quick order, where the price had not gone up because they have to abide by the price they printed in the catalog.

    In store, at all physical locations, the price has already gone up.
  3. Hi, all NM has increased their price already for the clutches, my SA told me the lambskin clutch is abt $1250 before that was $1125.