time zone difference

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  1. :lol:

    its like 9pm monday over here and i finally manage to jump on the Net - im totally missing Desperate Housewives but hehehehe... its funny to see who's still on the forum at this time....

    i just wanted to do a random post... hehe! sorry if its annoying!!! (please feel free to remove it)

    see you all when im at work... well on line anyway!!! :amuse:
  2. Wow. It's still Sunday night here. Work tomorrow. :cry: oh the thought of waking up early :cry:
  3. monday morning here, I am at work....
  4. 1 AM on early Monday morning here.
  5. 4:20 am...Monday morning..can't sleep :sad:
  6. It's 1:22am here, in San Francisco. This is the only time, I can have some peace and quiet. Daddy and my little son are fast asleep, so I can blog all I want without any interruptions!
  7. 10:24am, good morning
  8. 8:08 am buenos dias (good morning)
  9. 8:18 a.m. on a Monday :suspiciou Time for everything to go wrong, the copier to break and people to ask me to do stuff I don't want to do. Can I go back to bed?! :P
  10. 7:49am - drinking coffee staring at a stack of mail...drinking more coffee.:biggrin:
  11. so you posted like 17 hours ago and it's 8:09 right now....so when you posted it was 1:09am monday. oh no, i hate mondays! thank god it's almost over