Time With a Twist: Reverso Jaeger-LeCoultre Thread

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  1. Hello!

    I noticed that TPF is friends with the Reverso.
    Lets see, if we can bring a thread to life.

    for the start:
    Does owning a Jaeger-LeCoultre make you cool?

    Jaeger-LeCoultre is owned by "Richemont". Here you can watch the presentation of their annual results.
    The presentation is interesting. It draws the big picture, including Q&A!

    I am currently exploring different models. The one pictured is the Classic. I tried it on my wrist yesterday. It loved my back so much. :heart:
    RP: 5250 €

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  2. Great thread! I love the Reverso too. Can't wait to see more photos on it from others.
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  3. Ahem. TPF is not really into JLC watches. :hrmm:
  4. I am :smile: And this is the exact model that I'm planning to purchase. It's a great size, sits nicely on the wrist, is very understated and is a classic! It's perfect!
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  5. I got it! :panic:

    The market is not as big as lets say the market for 2nd hand Rolex watches, but there is a steady flow.
    I had to wait 1 month until I got the call from my official watch dealer in Vienna.

    It is a model from the 1990's, including the original JLC box.
    The watch is truly elegant and yes @Purple Jumper I love how it sits on the wrist, too. :love:

    I will post pictures soon.
  6. I have been a Jeager Reverso Fan since 2009 thanks to my husband. im sure there are more out there in the collection not as much as rolex though for sure. :P

    I always wear mine in a satin strap. just so divine. :heart:

  7. It's beautiful!
    We might like the same designs and pieces of jewellery. Your ring reminds me of my new ring. (channel setting)
  8. Nice to hear that you are in Vienna too!

    I have a Reverso GT, not really a lady's watch, but I wanted a seconds hand as I love the flowing movement of it on mechanical watches. Will post a pic later perhaps
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  9. I am too. I don't have a Reverso but I'd love one, it'd be my HG
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  10. Here is my Reverso GT in Action.


  11. Hi !

    The OP ( me! = finally managed to post photo :smile:)
    Nice to here I am not alone with my love for the Reverso.

    Tonight I finally managed to take a photo, the Reverso Classique feels just right in my wrist.
    We were meant to be together :smile:
    Not that I don't like the sturdy stainless steel Rolex. But for days like today, where I spent most of the day in museums and cafés, the Reverso is a wonderful companion.

    I can endlessly sit over decisions. Not this time!
    Sometimes I get the feeling I was born too late. With the Rolex I deliberately bought a 2nd hand model because the newer designs were chunkier and I like the slimmer, lighter designs better.
    Same goes for the Reverso: The Classique (in production until very recently) is a little 1-2mm smaller than the "Classic" in

    I am wearing the Classique.

    PS: Oh, @CrackBerryCream you work for Boulesse? What a nice coincidence! I "know" the wonderful Ms B. from her Blog, glossytimes and remember when she started Boulesse. :smile:) Greetings! :heart:

    SDIM2178 Kopie.jpg Ohne Titel 2.png SDIM2174 Kopie.jpg
  12. There are so many preloved Reverso available at authorised dealers right now. In less than a month my dealer had one at his hands, including original box and papers.

    I guess women will have this watch on their radar, it might become more popular and prices might go up.
    Now might be a good time ...

    I would say there is no need to buy a new watch, when you decide to buy a mechanical watch (as long as it does not date back to the 1950 or earlier) :smile:
  13. :hugs:

    Thank you so much I think you're correct but all my cash is spoken for, for a little while. I also have quite a few excellent watches including a perfect little JLC from the 1950s so it makes a decision to buy another just a little harder for a while. I will get one, one day XXX
  14. Perfect!
    I'd go for one I could wear everyday too, it looks great on you
  15. Thank you!
    Oh, I hope I did not offend you - or anyone - when I said "(as long as it does not date back to the 1950 or earlier)" - now that I hear you own a watch from that period. I would love to see how it looks.
    It's just that all the available 2nd hand watches that were older, were in no good condition.
    I am sure you take good care of your watch. :smile: