Time Travel.....

  1. If you could, what era would you travel to and why?
  2. Well it's not that far back actually. I'm 31 and I wish I'd been in my 20's in the 60's, mostly for the music. They don't make music like they did then anymore!!!
  3. I always think about this and DH and I talk about this regularly - LOL, b/c I always change my mind on what era I'd love to go back to.

    I think about how far we've come (21st century) and wouldn't know what to do without cell phones (OH NO!) and then I think how life was so easy/laid back when all you have to do is tend to the farm and animals.

    I would hate to go back in time when air/car travel was null. I'd hate to go to Vegas on a horse carriage and take months to get there.

    So I think if I'd ever want to go back in time, I'd want to go back not that far back from now and most importantly not during WWI/WWII.
  4. i'd like to go forward a few days.. get the powerball numbers, then go back and play them :smile:
  5. I'd go back to ancient Egypt, hands down! Or back to WWII so I could have worked in the resistance and helped save little kids from going to the concentration camps.
  6. I'm very attracted to pre-Revolution France but only if I could be a minor noblewoman living at Versaille, LOL. I would also love to travel back to England during the Restoration and sleep with Charles II.
  7. I would love to go back to about 1925-30. The stories my Grandpa tells me are just plain fascinating. I would love to live just one week back then.
  8. i have so many!!!

    i want to live in the time of little house on the prarie, during wwii, before wwi, i want to live in the 60s and meet janis joplin, jim morisson, etc. i want to be in teh early 1900's and emmigrate to america, i want to live in france and be friends with coco chanel
  9. i'd go back to relive 90s! the good ol days before the world wasn't as crazy lol
  10. I'd go back in time to watch my SO as a little kid. He's little pics are so cute and I'd love to see what he was like back then!