Time to vent; 10 things my husband does...

  1. ....that drive me insane.

    10. leaves the water hose out, unrolled over all my plants
    9. leaves cupboard doors wide open after removing a glass/plate
    8. leaves drawers open after removing any item therein
    7. stacks dishes, glasses, pots & pans precariously on top of each other on the drying rack like he's playing JENGA (I know - at least he DOES dishes)
    6. leaves empty food containers in the fridge/pantry
    5. uses my good $30 towels to wash/polish his alfa romeo
    4. tries to wash those same oily towels with my other $30 towels
    3. leaves the toilet seat up (an oldie but goodie)
    2. leaves pipe tobacco ashes all over the house

    and the number 1 thing:
    I'll wake him up if he starts snoring and he says, "what?! I was wide awake!"

    Do you have a list?
  2. Your husband snores? Do all men do that? Seriously, every time I've caught one of my exs asleep or falling asleeping it sounded as if they were sawing wood.
  3. I think it's in their genes! Mine snores when he is exceptionally tired.
  4. My DH jerks in his sleep and winds up slapping me inadvertently, leaves wet towels on the floor and puts his dirty dishes in the sink RIGHT AFTER HE SAW ME EMPTY THE DISHWASHER!! AAARRGGHH! I still adore him though!:lol:

    Edit: OH yea, and he also leaves one square of TP on the roll for me when I go to the bathroom..thanks dear!
  5. ah yes, the "one square left" routine on the toilet paper roll. an excellent reason for not having the change it!
  6. Oooh!!!! I so can relate!!!

    10. Leave his socks everywhere, dogs will drag it into the hamper, right?
    9. Never puts away his clothes. Even if its not worn, it will be hanging off a chair or something, until I put it away.
    8. Drives in the slow lane whenever we're in a hurry, typically behind some huge truck.
    7. Has a collection of used glasses of water by his desk. It can only be used once, and then stored there with partial volumes so that in the event of an alien invasion, he could hit them with a baseball bat.
    6. CD's lying around as coasters and wonders why there are scratches on them.
    5. When his family comes to visit or we go to visit his family, he locks himself up in the other room for hours and expects me to entertain everyone.
    4. Steals the good towels to dry his car!!!!! Then claim ignorance.
    3. Insists upon 1000 count sheets, as if his a** is fragile as can be.
    2. Then makes stinkies in bed and thinks it's endearing!!! Excuse me?!?

    And the one thing he does that DRIVES me completely crazy is:

    1. Downloads every financial transaction into Quicken and then needs an explanation of every thing bought, utility, cost benefit analysis, etc... then wonders why I don't want to share bank accounts with him.
  7. I believe my DH is related to yours. Also, I love when he sits around in his boxers with the window open-free show! I am waiting for a complaint from some old lady neighbor of ours!
  9. Oh! My hubby does that! I am waiting for that complaint too! I had totally blocked that out of my memory!
  10. My boyfriend drives me nuts because he leaves the bathroom sink and counter completly soaked. Its like a sprinkler was just on in the bathroom. so annoying!
  11. Balenciagalove - I can relate with so many of the items on your list.

    a few of my own:

    1 - I ask him to do something, he forgets, when he remembers he asks why I did not remind him.
    2 - Gets mad if I give him directions while driving, gets mad when I don't.
    3 - Answers the cell phone during dinner, conversation, in bed...
    4 - Has to be asked to help out with chores, takes very little personal initiative.
  12. Luckily mine doesn't do that, thank God! He's too shy but get him in the shower and he's like a little boy! He makes mohawks w/ the shampoo in his hair and sings. I feel like I need to throw a rubber ducky over the side for him to play with!
  13. yes, shower time seems to be where they lose all control.
    I also know I'm going to be treated to yet another performance of "the helicopter".

    They are perpetually 10 aren't they? God love em.
  14. Well here goes !!!! ( I love you Bill ) :love:

    I Blows his nose in the shower, also blows from all god given holes, in fact it can get so loud in there in sounds like The London Philharmonic.

    2 We have a Dining room that seats 12 he has to have a coat , Cardigan. Sweater, or Jacket on each chair.

    3 Never puts a fresh roll of toilet paper back.

    4 Switches on all of the TV around the house so that if he decides to go to another room he can still watch his show.

    5 Always for gets his keys and then calls me up to come home right away, if nobody else is home.
  15. This reminds me of an episode of Sex in the City, when they were talking about guys showing off their privates, scratching etc. I remember Kim Catrell saying "they all want to attract our attention down there to say look what I got".
    Mine sings in the shower and then dances sometimes on the shower mat. I don't know, should I have him committed or something?