Time to toss out my CL Bruges pumps

  1. I guess all good things must come to an end. It's time to lose my CL pumps (actually I mean hand them down to my little sister).

    Last night I attended an outdoor party held by my boyfriend's boss. There were about 100 guests, most of the which were physicians along with their trophy wives. (No kidding, we're talking at least 20 years younger on average.) Dress was casual, so I wore an adorable top and skirt from Anthropologie along with the cutest platforms from MJ (bought on sale from Zappos...Saks did not have my size).

    But here's the deal...I counted nine women at the party all wearing nearly the same platform pumps. ..all either CL Bruges or knock-offs. Five of them had red soles, the others were either Jessica Simpson or Steven, I suspect. Some were patent. Some had cork soles. Of course, all of the girls looked gorgeous, but the look was over used. (The funny thing is that my boyfriend loves me to wear my CL's, and he wanted me to wear them last night.)

    Since I am in pain every time I wear my CL's anyway, I am just giving them to my little sis in college.

    Here are the cute MJ platforms I wore last night.
  2. Oh no! That is so sad, I am a huge fan of Bruges! Luckily I haven't seen anyone wearing them around here (although the knock-offs are very prevalent in stores unfortunately).
  3. Me too! That's too bad because mine are the most comfortable heels I have. I don't see that many, unless it's a big event but I don't care if others have them, especially fakes & knock offs. It's a classic shoe and I love mine for how they look on me....and the compliments. :P
  4. gosh, I adore the MJs you wore last night though. They are gorgeous :smile:
  5. yeah, there are tons of knock-offs of the bruges! you can't go into any dept store without seeing a pile of them. at least you own the real thing, and anyone who knows CL can tell the difference.
  6. That's too bad but I will continue to wear my CL bruges mine are comfy!
  7. I went to a gallery even this weekend, had a similar experience- saw tons of women wearing the bruges. Only like 4 pairs were actually CL, but they were all in the style of...
  8. They're still hard to find. I'm trying to find brown bruges but they sell out so fast.