Time to TAKE ACTION! (But PLS help!)


Which Legacy bag is best? HELP!

  1. I'm SHOULDER saavy!

  2. SATCHEL suits me!

  3. COURIER is the coolest!

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  1. ....and finally buy one of the 3 bags I have been lusting over for months!!!

    Okay I really really want a bag from the Legacy Anniversary collection before it is too late...(and I am even going to sell a few of my Balenciagas to make up for it) :shame: ...I am absolutely sure I want an all-leather version because it looks positively scrumptious! :drool:

    Now the pending question that I cannot solve (because I am buying this online)....WHICH STYLE???
    I have narrowed it down to 3 choices:
    ....but I have a little negative about each style...
    Shoulder (Is it roomy enough?)
    Satchel (I like the lobster-claw clasp on the strap of the other 2 styles better....plus, can it fit comfortably on the shoulder?)
    Courier (Too overwhelming & huge?)

    Whew! Thanks for reading all of that! :yes:
    Now it is your turn.....please advise me!
    What are the best uses for each of them?
    Can you post pics of you wearing them?
    etc, etc, etc!

    Thank you :love:
  2. i vote for shoulder !!

    my second would be the satchel which i used today & was comfy on my shoulder.

    what color are u getting ?

    Your Fan,
    Cha Cha
  3. satchel will not fit on the shoulder comfortably.
  4. i have the satchel and my BIG disappointment was that it can't go on the shoulder easily.

    however, i got a shoulder bag from a friend today and i LOVE it. and it's surprisingly roomy.

    i personally don't like the courier. too big.
  5. I vote for the shoulder.
  6. I vote shoulder.
  7. hmm...

    i guess everyone shoulder comfort level is different . lol ;)
  8. what about the ali?
  9. I vote shoulder. I have one and can fit quite a bit inside of it. (Keys, gum, full coach french wallet, coach wristlet, cell, ipod, lip gloss, powder compact, chack book, and probably a few other small things if I pack it well) It's super comfy too :smile: I'll try to post a pic with everything in it if I get a chance ;)
  10. Having the satchel and the shoulder I would vote shoulder. I love them both, but if I had to choose it would be that one. It's deceptively roomy, not too heavy on the shoulder and makes a great everyday bag. I love my satchel but it is heavy and doesn't fit on the shoulder well at all. Plus it is sort of hard to get to your things inside easily because of the strap/clasp over the top.
  11. luvmycoach, what do you think of the ali? I think I would love the shoulder bag but the sa talked me into the ali. i had planned on the shoulder bag when i originally went in the store and then ended up with the ali. maybe they have more of the ali?
  12. I like the Courier...it is HUGE, and so is the price. I'd go for the Shoulder Bag and some acessories. :graucho:

    As another side on the Courier, especially if you are coming from Balenciagia's, is that it is HEAVY. However, the wide strap on it helps balance the weight of the bag and everything you may be carrying in it.
  13. I have the shoulder bag and love it! It's more roomy than one would expect and easy to carry. It's also very convenient to get in and out of!
  14. Thanks...so far, so good! Keep 'em coming!

    The reason I have decided against the Ali is because I really like the look of the double pockets on the front of the 3 bags I mentioned.

    The Courier is really puzzling me...the Coach site is no help either! Does anyone own this? It is pricy, but so are Balenciagas (which is why a few must go...)

    Yes I do enjoy the carefree weightlessness of Balenciaga, but I am no stranger to heavy bags, because I own several Marc Jacobs bags. The heavy hardware & suede lining make for a heavy bag....some of his other designs can be lighter though!

    I would highly appreciate pics of these bag being worn...please.... :smile:

    Also, I keep reading about the Whiskey color easily showing wear? I want this bag to last me a long time...should I go for black instead?
  15. Okay so its not ME wearing it, but it is my neice, does that count?

    The Shoulder in Whiskey