Time to say goodbye...

  1. I have to say it to my beloved and fantastic dressage-horse Pablo. After 4 months walking again and again with a limp we took him to a vet-clinic for an arthroscopy (?) of the knee. The diagnosis was so terrible.... extreme destroyed tendons... Because there is no therapy with any prospect of success we decided to put him down. A hard day... and I miss him so much... :crybaby:
  2. I'm so sorry... he was a beautiful horse. :crybaby:
  3. You poor thing! I am so sorry!! As hard as it is to accept, it was probably for the best. How long did you have him?
  4. OMG, I am so sorry. What a beautiful animal. Hugs to you.
  5. ughhh Im so sorry...so so sorry. xoxox
  6. OMG! I am, soooo sorry! He was such a beauiful horse. My mon was also devasted when her 2 horses left us.
  7. I'm so sorry to hear that! He looks beautiful in that picture.
  9. I am so very sorry, he was very beautiful, you obviously loved him very much and did the right thing. Think now all the pain has gone for him and he is galloping again, in pastures green and beautiful.
  10. OMG I am so sorry. It hurts so bad, I know. My oldest horse was 36 when we finally had to put him down. I had him for 26 of those years and it was like my best friend in the world died. I hope your grief eases up soon.
  11. I'm so sorry...he was a beautiful horse.
  12. [FONT=&quot]OMG I am so sorry. I am huge animal lover and just can't imagine how hard that must have been.[/FONT]
  13. I am so horribly sorry for your loss! I know you are suffering now, but you did the right thing by not letting him suffer. You obviously did everything you could for him. And you can be at peace with that. Time will give you comfort.
  14. I agree he is in a better place now...
  15. Aaawww, jeez, Janss! Not Pablo!