Time to say G'night Gracie.....

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  1. And with that I bid a fond adieu! :heart:

    I've always hated when people would just disappear and you were left wondering if they were away on vacation, just very busy, or if they were going to come back at all. People come and people go, it's the nature of this type of thing....but I didn't want to be one of those people who just quietly rode off into the sunset without saying bye first!

    As I am soon to be a first time Grandmama :tender: (if little Jesse EVER gets here!) things have gotten busy and will soon be even more so. I'm already getting behind a bit on posts so I figured it was time to make a clean break.

    But the reason for this post isn't just to say good-bye, I wanted to thank the many wonderful, funny, interesting and truly some of the nicest people I've ever "met" for their friendship and you all know who you are. You guys have been SO much fun to banter with, to shop with, to chat with.

    I still laugh when I think of how my Choo obsession started, all because Miss Bonnie couldn't make up her mind which burgundy biker bag she wanted and so with all her modeling photos of several different bags I knew just HAD to have the Riki! :love: I'm so glad she was so undecided! :lol:

    I especially want to thank Jburgh not only for her friendship but for everything she contributes to this forum. We have all been so lucky to have her here. The work she put into the reference libraries, the time she takes to give knowledgeable responses to the new Choo girl's questions that she's already answered a million times before....you are one of a kind Miss Jburgh! :love:

    SO! How's that for a wordy farewell! You didn't think a simple "see ya" would be good enough for Stinkerbelle, did you?? :p (by the way, as the smilie queen.....<--- that last one was my favorite!).

    You guys be good, play nice, fight fair, and don't make me have to come back here to straighten you all out! :bagslap:

    Take care everyone.....and again, thanks for everything! :flowers:
  2. Good luck on the new G'baby and God bless!!
  3. I'm so glad we had this time together,
    Just to have a laugh, and sing a song.
    Seems we just got started and before we knew it
    Came the time we had to say, 'So long.' :crybaby:

    Take Care...Stinkerbelle and spoil that grandchild
  4. So Jesse is still hanging tight, huh? :love: I became sad reading your post, Stinker:crybaby:. Things definitely won't be the same without you here. Are you going to drop by every few days, or quit cold turkey for a while? Try to stop and say hi, okay? Let us know how Jesse and mommy and granny are doing.

    And try not to be a stranger. I expect to be busy with my two bundles of terror, but plan to check tpf during the times when my pump is actively milking both of my breasts (my 'free' time)... cut out holes of a sports bra and attach! Hands free living baby!

    Early congrats, we'll miss you :crybaby:...
  5. Stinkerbelle, enjoy your new grandbaby!
  6. Nope - Don't accept that!
  7. Stinker, I will miss you:crybaby::heart:. I have been less frequent on this sub-forum lately, mostly because I'm not too fond of JC's current offerings. Maybe, hopefully, we'll meet here again come autumn-winter 2008. Congratulations on soon becoming a grandmother, that's great. I will hopefully become an aunt next September, I'm really looking forward to it.
  8. Stinkerbelle, I have enjoyed your wit, humor, and off kilter, quirky creative streak from day one. Who knew I could laugh so hard looking at my computer screen! Thank you. You seriously have a gift that I hope you will put to good use and be the next Oprah Book Club Pick. I know you will be one amazing, fun, and so far from dull grandmommy. Thanks for the heads up and the chance to say goodbye:flowers: I wish you all the best!
  9. Your post makes me very sad. I haven't been a member of this forum for long, but you always had great insight! Please drop by every once in a while and show off your little grandbaby!
  10. I am one of those people who try to avoid visiting this forum as much as possible (not very successful), because of its bad influence :p, but you are always someone whose comments I would look for first...

    We will miss you Stinkerbelle!
  11. Oh, Stinker...I am soooo sad! Please say you'll be back when you get some time. I will miss you, you are the reason I went thru all that cr#p just to get a ring bag when that nut wouldn't ship on eBay.
    Stop in and say hi once in awhile:smooch:
  12. Stinkerbelle - thanks for the farewell email - you do always wonder what happened to someone when they disappear from a forum but I do hope you'll pop in on occasion - I love reading your posts. Congrats on Jesse in advance and best of luck and many more Choos to you!
  13. You will be missed very much Stinker as well as your wonderful writings/stories/adventures and chaos & commotion you seem to stir up:roflmfao:

    (My computer screen will never be the same :push: )

    Enjoy the new Grand baby and I hope you'll stop back in and share stories (since we know you never post photos :cursing: )

    :heart: :smooch:
  14. Stinkerbelle - Yay!:woohoo: - you're gonna be a grandmother! I'm so happy for you :yahoo:And we ALL know you will be the most stylish Choo-wearin' :cutesy:grandma around! I am so glad our paths crossed in cyberspace... you've enriched my life (and my appreciation for the most perfect bag ever made) and I wish you only the best that life has to offer. Take care, hun! :flowers:
  15. Stinker no!!!!!!!! :crybaby:I'm am honestly very sad reading this. No kidding..:cry: You will be surely missed. I agree, the forum will not be the same without you. Just your antics and perception of the world never cease to amaze me. Thanks for the suede inspiration, getting me thru my decision phase and all the other little things. ;)
    Well, as sad as I am, you go have fun and as bonnie said - Dont be a stranger!:lecture: Be sure to drop in from time to time.

    We'll all miss you! :smooch: Here's a big tight hug!