Time To Purge & Get A New Obsession??

  1. Okay...it's New Year's Eve and today after cleaning out my closet, I've come to the conclusion I'm totally tired of my Kooba Marcelles....soooo over them. No more. So I'm selling them on eBay.....why??? Why???? Because I have a new obsession! Hayden Harnetts! OMG! I'm totally loving their Gaza bags and I have to get one of their wallets! So cute! I guess my question is this - after a year of going after one particular style, or one particular designer, are you over it for 2007? Are you thinking of changing the ranks? Spending more on bags in general? Spending less than before? Perhaps no longer believing leather is the way to go and you're going vegan....or perhaps you're now going to invest in those Balenciagas you've been lusting after for 3 years! I think I'd like to have more to choose from. I get obsessive. I love the Fiore Audras - so instead of having like 1, I have both the browns (brass studs and matching studs), the white AND the bronze. Then I had like every Marcelle Kooba made - so I sold 3 of them and now I'm selling the last 3 I own. Now I'm branching out....thinking that there's more out there. Does the new year make you change your mind? Make you feel like you want to be a different person? Hopefully we'll get some interesting insights from this post - one that can carry on for awhile....HAPPY COMING NEW YEAR! HAPPY TO BE ALIVE AND ENJOY! :love:
  2. Jchiara, your auctions are beautiful and nicely done with reasonable prices. You should do well. Good luck.

    Fall out of love with Kooba???? What are you thinking girl? It's true I found many a new loves this year. Gryson and Balenciaga and Hayden Harnett is becoming dangerous but never will I betray my first True Love. I have 12 Koobas that I decided I can't and won't part with. I did however sell my Marcelle last year because the style didn't appeal to me any longer. But yes, if I had 6 Marcelles, I would have sold them too. Why in the world did you need 6 if you don't mind me asking? LOL

    My love for IF bags have faded with the newer designs so I don't see any new ones for me in the future. I think My Botkiers and Gryson's will become staple bags for me.

    I think my love for purses ebbs and flows like the tide sometime but I am not fickle in everything. Koobas for one and my husband of 23 years is another. They are both keepers for me in 2007.
  3. I've never really been partial to one brand or another, preferring the variety of different brands/designers. Although there are some brands that I bought repeatedly in the past, I don't do that anymore . And there are some brands I just have no interest in.
  4. Somehow that post was submitted before I was done! At any rate, in my current rotation I have a Kooba and a Hayden-Harnett. I won't buy another Kooba, they are beautiful but just too heavy. I haven't carried the Hayden-Harnett yet, but it's much lighter weight and I expect to love it. Next I'd like to look in to a Gryson or Gustto bag, but am waiting for the new styles to come out. Guess I just like to experiment with different brands, while shying away from the more mundane prolific bags.
  5. Lexie 2000 - sigh.....I know you're right. Six Marcelles....I guess when I like a style, I feel like I have to like a style in every single color! Some of those Marcelles never were even worn...like the Ivory one (yikes) and the Desert one (double yikes).....:crybaby: I'm new to HH and I'm completely taken with the Gaza style. At first I thought there were too many pockets, but I think it's kinda cute. I just have to refrain from buying it in Bark, Amethyst, Bittersweet.....hahaha....nah - just kidding - I can't afford that many bags. :graucho: I have discovered the Besso Motorcycle bag once again and I know the style isn't the "newest" deal, I think they're kinda nice. Inasfar as the Koobas being too heavy, I'm all over that. Especially with the Marcelles - plus I think with the lacing on the shoulder AND the double straps, I was suffering a bit. HOWEVER.....I did manage to snag an amazing deal for a Kooba Silver Lucy the other day - and the Lucys are a little bit lighter - and in that bonkie metallic, I think it's a good staple. I'm just wondering if I need all those Audras!!!:shrugs: I love you guys.....
  6. i also have a new obsession.... i used to want more and more balenciaga. but now i only tempted to get a weekender or work...
    but now i want more and more hermes herbag in canvas or vibrato :p
    that's my new obsession :p
  7. I think it is good to branch out, a bit. And seriously, what is not to love about Hayden Harnett? I know that I have a "mothership" designer, the one that I tend to gravitate towards. I do have different designers in my collection, though, and like the variety. For 2007, there are not too many things on my immediate radar.

    Good luck in your auctions, Jchiara!
  8. Cutting back on my buying is aomething I have to do in 2007. Last year I bought a couple expensive bags because I thought I "should" have xxxx brand in my closet. How dumb is that? If I see a great bag and think it may be sold out soon, I think I need it now, not considering if it fits my lifestyle. I'm old enough to know better, but can still be childish--want it now, not thinking long-term, etc. I'm debating over the whole Hermes thing, too. Not there yet, tho.

    Here's to wiser purse shopping in 2007!:drinkup:
  9. I'm branching out. I've got a solid Coach collection, dabbled a bit in Chloe. Now I have a good selection of LV, and just picked up two Chanels. I just want to be able to have a purse that fits my outfit and my mood, I don't think I'm ever going to be able to catch up with my personality:p
  10. For 2007 I am going to try a Celine bag and I am going to try to stick to no more than one bag per season and of course the "one in, one out" rule. But I did see a new pair of sunnies and a new scarf that I want!