time to place an order from BALENCIAGA STORE

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010
    HI GALS ,i usually buy my bags calling or emailing MILAN ,PARIS OR CANNES.they send me an order form via email ,i send it back via fax with my cc details and usually the same day or the day after ,they ship the bag....(in milan)

    i noticed that CANNES STORE IS EXTREMELY SLOW , i sent my details on friday .no answer until monday.SA told me he received my fax,all ok !! yippie:smile:

    but...i noticed they didn't charge my money yet ,after 3 days and they don't reply to emails:cursing::rant:

    what should i do?? how much do i have to wait??why is so difficult purchasing from bal european stores? i am really tired
  2. I would call and ask if the bag has shipped out. If it hasn't I would ask when will it got out? What a pain! Good luck!
  3. Yikes ... I would feel very uncomfortable sending any store a Fax with my C/C information on it ... and then hearing that it's been sitting there on the machine for a few days!!!! That's how I ended up with a $15,000 AMEX bill, because the cleaning people had seen the fax and then went to town with my AMEX card!!!

    If Milan handles the orders better, then I would stick with them ... in the meantime, I would call Cannes REPEATEDLY until they process the order and would tell them that (especially in this age of C/C theft), they need to have more 'secure' processes!!!!
  4. so what???? omg that's scary!!!!

    i hate their customer service and i will definitely call them soon ,i am furious:cursing::rant:

    thanks for your advice dear;)
  5. After charging up a storm, the AMEX Fraud unit actually called me to inquire about the charges. I was a little steamed because all the travel arrangements originated in LA, yet I live in New England!!!! Thankfully, AMEX has a great Fraud Unit and I didn't pay a dime, but not all C/C companies work that way ... some require that you pay a certain amount of the fraudulent charges. I am extremely careful with my C/C's (especially since I used to travel very extensively for work); I DO NOT give out any C/C information unless I know that they destroy the paperwork immediately after the transaction is processed (or I ask for the information/paperwork back)!!!
  6. they don't seem very excited abt doing business. i sent an email confirming my interest to buy an item from paris abt 2 days ago and no reply still...
  7. I deal with Sebastien at the Cannes store and he has always been super quick replying, and I get my package in 2-3 days from placing my order. He also gives a tracking number right away so it's really strange you haven't gotten a reply yet. Hope you get your order soon!
  8. thanks dear ,i am so sorry this happened to you ,but thankfully AMEX has a great service...my cc is a visa instead:sad:

    btw still no reply ,i couldn't call today because i was busy like hell
  9. my SA IS JORGE AND it is not the first time that he is slow in replying emails ....how can i change SA?
  10. PARIS GEORGE V doesn't reply to emails (they prefer you to call them , i don't know why ..) ,they are so snobbish there..but when i call them i speak with CECILE AND SHE IS REALLY KIND(SHE ALSO SPEAKS FLUENT ITALIAN:P) AND QUICK!
  11. *F* i hope you'll have answer by Jorge soon!! i'd like to know why they are so slow?? you placed an order, you gave them your cc info so what do they expect to ship the bag if it is yet available???:confused1::confused1::shrugs:
    i understand your disappointing!!

    beside that, i've got a question...how does it work? you call the cannes boutique asking to your SA for a catalogue or he simply tell you right at the phone the bags that are available? Does it work also for the Milan Boutique?
  12. *L* I also would like to know why:mad:...i suppose they are just lazy :sleepy::hs:

    btw it works in this way , you call :chatty:or email them asking for the bag you want ,(milan and cannes usually takes pictures ) ,then if the bag is available, they sent you an order form to fill with your cc details ,address ,etc
    you will have to send it back via fax and then they should ship the bag to you


    Paris and Cannes accepts all credit cards instead ;) i hope it helps
  13. Thanks *F* for the info. now i have no more doubt about it.
    i think it is better to have the wire transfer, and if i will take an order by form, i will probably consider the W. Transfer for sure!

    Hope you'll have a better day, today, maybe receiving their call!!!
  14. hey girls! about 2 weeks ago i started getting in touch with Bal London. The SAs there are SO NICE! Senya and Anna- they both helped me! when one wasnt available or had the day off the other e-mailed me. and they are soo quick about emailing me back. they helped me find my perfect bag and it was delivered to me in less than a week. the whole process was probably easier than going to a store or even buying online. i HIGHLY reccommend emailing them. i am currently purchasing another bag from them. the whole process took about 24 hours. so easy!!
  15. hi CG any news from cannes yet?

    I just got reply from Sebastian and he said Jorge away for holiday. I want to order Black PT GGH ship to Indonesia.

    A bit worry about customs tax :shocked: