Time to go to the store!

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  1. Okay, because I have no idea whether the PT or Work would fit on my shoulder, i think it's best for me to go and try them on myself. However, I have no idea the availability or exclusivity of bbags. If I venture down to BalNY this afternoon, will they most likely have PTs and Works in stock? Is there a waiting list? Or at least will there be display items of these bags for me to try on?

    Help! I want to decide and grab my first bbag this afternoon (if possible) :nuts:
  2. anyone?
  3. I'm sorry no one's answered you. I haven't been to BalNY, but have e-mailed re their stock. I can't imagine that they wouldn't have plenty of PTs and works. No guarantee they'd necessarily have the color you want if you want something out of season, but they'd have to have bags you could feel and try on.
  4. when i was there on tuesday, they had an aquamarine GH work, marine RH work, anthra RH work, anthra GH work, rouge RH work, white GH PT, black GH PT, truffle GH work..not sure what else they had but they had quite a selection. you may want to call ahead of time. i dealt with daisy and whitfield who were both nice.
  5. ^^ wow!!!!!!!!!!!! that's amazing. Thank you SOOOOO much......!!!
  6. My understanding is that they have very little on display, and everything is stored out of sight and you have to ask for it.
  7. EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!
  8. i'm so excited to go - from what you described they have every bag i'm considering. i can NOT wait to try them on!!!!! when do they close, anyone know?
  9. they usually close at 7pm but today is thursday and they might open late.