Time To Go Home !!

  1. I think the only children you can change are your own.

    However i was in a position not to long ago when my daughters friends(sisters) were over with their Mother for a playdate the sisters wanted to jump on the couch. My daughter actually told them that this was not allowed, I waited for the mother to say something, she didnt , they wanted to jump more, then i decided to step in, and let them know the rules of my home.

    What are your rules for disciplining other children when their parents are around?

    Does it depend how comfortable you are with parents ?

  2. Um, actually I don't have any problem telling anyone at all what I do and do not want done in my house. I MAY have a little bit of a reputation for that as being *****y......however, I'm not *****y, I just know what I do and do not like and it's my house and if you don't like it you are welcome to leave.

    I'm usually not this harsh, but I do NOT wanting someone getting hurt doing something stupid in my house that I have told them not to do.

    Don't care if the parents are there or not. I say whatever I want to say. This stuff is no joke, someone could get very hurt.
  3. It can be really awkward, can't it? Especially with children and parents you hardly know.

    If I don't know the child and parents well, I hesitate before saying anything at all and look to the parents, to see if they are going to say anything. If they don't, I tend to ask the child, very gently, not to do whatever he/she is doing and then look to the parent(s) again, for support, if the child carries on.

    If they don't support me ( :rant: ), I tend to carry on telling the child gently, but with growing urgency; whilst continuing to stare pointedly at the parent(s) in the hope that they will intervene!
  4. Respect the rules of the house you are in. If the parents don't do that, it's a total lack of respect for you and your home, so out they all go!

    No. As I said, if you are in my home, you follow my rules. I give that same respect and courtesy when I visit someone. It's more than reasonable to expect it in return in your own home!

    Parents just f:censor: ing pathetic anymore! They don't want to "parent" their kids. They are too busy trying to be their kids' friend. Sorry, kids need parents. Parents who will set limits and enforce them. Period!

    Sheesh!! This sort of thing makes me crazy!!! :rant:
  5. I was appalled by the way a friend let her child behave in my home. Finally I said "Kid, that may be allowed at your house but not here-knock it off" and my friend got TOTALLY pissed and I told her too-I agree with PradaPsycho when she said parents are trying to be their kids' friends and it makes me crazy too!
  6. This happened when my friend brought her baby over to my house. My coffee table has a glass center insert and her little boy crawled underneath to stick his fingers all over the bottom of the glass. UGH! And she just kept letting him do it. I finally had to tell her to get him because it is really difficult to clean the particular parts he was griming up. So she pulls him out and he proceeds to drag himself up by the table and put his mouth on the edge of it (he did this several times as she kept turning her back on him). :wtf:

    I just dont see how parents find it so hard to WATCH their children. I would NEVER allow this to happen at someone elses house. Needless to say she hasnt been invited back since (she also decided to change her baby on my carpet and didnt even bother to put something down :throwup: ).
  7. I read things like this and wonder why people aren't required to get a license to have children. :hysteric:
  8. :yes: So true I am constantly thinking this!
  9. Oh, I was well known as The Mother From Hell when my daughter was still living at home. Both kids and mothers alike told my daughter how strict and unreasonable I was. I could not have cared less. Those mothers who criticized me have every one, had MAJOR problems with their daughters as they hit their teen years. My daughter turned out great: no drugs, no drinking, no getting pregnant, none of that sort of thing.

    I have to pass this along though: a few months ago I was picking my daughter from college (she doesn't drive-we won't let her!). She brought up how strict I was with her when she was a kid and, what she considered "overprotective." Then she goes on to say that now she's an adult, she looks back and realizes what a "great" mother I was and how she needed that discipline and those limits. SHE EVEN SAID "Thank you for that!":wtf:

    You know you've arrived as a parent when your adult kids tell you you've done a good job and say thank you.:angel:
  10. if its in my house, i will have no problem telling them the rule of the house....... i would expect ppl to respect other ppl's rules if they r not harmful to the child.... of course, if i am close to the parent of the other child, i can mention this during other conversations as well.
  11. If it's my house then I have no problem telling other kids what to do. When my step-son lived with us for a year he was always having people over (we were the "cool" parents)...but those kids knew our rules and knew that we wouldn't hesitate to say something if they broke the rules. One kid was totally disrespecting our rules pertaining to eating/drinking near my stepsons computer.....we actually told him that he wasn't welcome back unless he could either a) follow the rules, or b) bring a check from his parents to cover the cost of the computer when he spilled his drink on it (since it was inevitable it would happen one day).

    My niece brings her 2 year old over all the time and we have no problem stepping in when she's not paying attention. And I feel that if she doesn't like it then she needs to watch her kid closer or she can leave.

    Sorry if it sounds harsh...but I don't go over to someone else's house and spill juice on their rug (which has happened), chase their animals around the house (which has happened to us too), etc.

    If a parent says something to me I'll tell them to feel free to never come over again!
  12. I can't believe it when adults do not back you up or tell their children not to do something. It drives me crazy, some people simply do not have common sense. I used to have mom's come into my store and let their kids run around and grab all the little bottles of supplements and push them around or mess up the display, i always wanted to yell at the mom's but couldn't.
    On another note- I had my cute, sweet, friendly, would never hurt a fly chihuahua over at the in-laws house. They had company over, a husband/wife with two whiney kids) and the kids kept telling me that Maya bites (they had never met her before) and I kept saying "oh no, Maya doesn't bite, she's really friendly, come and pet her, etc" the parents said nothing, so its quite obvious that they are damaging their own children by their fears. I am not allowed to bring Maya when they are over now. I wish I could tell them not to bring their children when Maya is over.
  13. :sad: Your home - your rules, more power to you. :crybaby: Those parents who will let their child jump on your furniture will be the same parents in a few years who are crying to the defense attorney that their "little Johnny or Jilly, could never possibly be a drug kingpin because x kilos of illegal drugs were in the trunk of his/her car!" Sounds harsh, but it is a true story - I worked for criminal defense attorneys for many years. Bad parents unfortunately raise bad children.
  14. I think that kids visiting other people's homes should follow the rules of the home they are visiting. No excuses. The parents should be able to watch over them and make sure they are behaving well.
  15. this actually happened all the time when i was little.

    my mom was the scary one that yelled. my next door neighbor was the scary one who got quieter. my best friend up the street? her mom had no rules. we always just used my mom's rules when we were over there.

    to this day, my mom's (and my nextdoor neighbor's) rules reign. no matter who's kid, no matter what the situation. i actually have very little patience with small children who have no manners. :yes:

    that said, the only small children i tolorate in large doses (ie more than 5 minutes or going to the table to take their food and drinks) are family and very very close friends....my input is appreciated in those situations. :wlae: