Time to get MJ bags!! No restriction offer at Bloomingdale's!!!

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  1. (info from Bloomingdale's Sale Associate)

    Bloomingdale's will be holding their Private Sale event on Tuesday June 13th. No brand restriction. If you pre-sale the item(s), you don't need to present any coupon whatsoever.

    For every $100 spent, $25 is taken off (up to $100 discount). For every $100 spent, a $15 gift card is given (no limit). These offers are stackable (ie. work together).

    Bloomies SAs will ship items....
  2. omg! thank you soooo much! There is a wallet I wantz!!!:yes:
  3. Thanks so much bag.lover!!! Do I have to tell them a coupon code when I call them? There are no Bloomies around here. I really think that I want the MJ quilted bowler. I hope that will not be restricted.
  4. One more question: do we have to have a Bloomies credit card?
  5. Thanks, bag.lover!!
  6. Safin1: If you do presale, you don't need anything (Bloomies card, coupons/invitation, code, etc). There is no restriction whatsoever on the offers posted above (there are additional deals for which MJ is excluded). SAs said they don't do store transfer like Nordstrom so the issue is to find the store that carries the item you want. =) Nordstrom will price match! =)

    Pre-sale: SA takes your payment information (credit card #) and reserves (set aside) the item(s) for you. On the day of the event, SA rings up your transaction. Then, you can either pick up your purchase yourself or have them shipped to you (S&H fee).

    Which MJ Quilted Bowler do you have in mind? =)
  7. Janice & Abaglover: You are welcome. =)

    Sale is a never-ending process. Even if we miss this event, there'll be more coming. We only need to worry about generating more funds for all these 'wants' and 'needs'. LOL! =)
  8. thanks baglover! do u know if the 100 coupon can be used on just one item? i remember last time bloomies had a presale - it was only 25 per item :rant: !

    i really want a mouse stam...........but not sure about getting the e/w or regular! what do you guys think??
  9. jacquelinez...i saw the mousse stam and e/w at the short hills bloomes and they always give you up to 100 on one item...as long as it's over $400.

    good luck on your quest..i'm really thinking of getting the black stam.
  10. Hi. I am interested in getting the small quilted bowler in black. The only problem is yesterday I ordered the same exact bag from Saks from my favorite SA who is very nice. So I guess I will just have to return it to Saks. Or I could just get a white or ivory one from Bloomies. I think the color is called chalk or ivory in regular matte leather. It was a toss up between the chalk or the black. In the end I chose black. For sure, I like the small because the large is huge. I guess I should start calling stores to look for the black or chalk. I would save money if I buy it at this sale instead of buying it from Saks.
  11. (information from local Bloomingdale's)

    Stackable Offers (can be combined)

    1. $25 off every $100 (up to 4 $25 coupons only)
    except Juicy Couture

    2. $15 gift card for every $100

    3. Double rewards (if purchase is put on Bloomies CC)

    4. 15% off for new accounts

    5. 15% off bags over $250
    no Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Fendi, Ferragamo, Kooba, Burberry
  12. Hi Safin1, you can tell your SA that you're returning it b/c it's less at Bloomies -- unfortunately, there's no price match at Saks. She would understand. =) Ivory is the the color name used in regular leather, I like it too; I can only find it at my local NM now. You are thinking of getting 2 colors? I saw a Black Bowler (small) at my local Bloomies, let me know if you want the number.

    Hope you like your Putty Elise. =)
    I have lots of sisters/sisters-in-law/girlfriends to shop for. Christmas shopping becomes really tiring every year for me, one of my sisters said we should shop throughout the year instead of waiting until the last minute (my case). That's what I thought of doing. =)

  13. No local Bloomies around, call Fashion Island store. =)
    701 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660

    MJ items saw there: Stam, E/W Stam, Baby Stam, Amy Hobo, Multipocket (new Black & Whiskey, old Black with Silver h/w), Blake (new color Charteaux), Elise (Putty, Black, ..), Bowler, etc..

    Anyone willing to list the number of local store?
    If you do visit your local Bloomies, would you please give a short update on the stock?
  14. Jacquelinez, I like the look of regular Stam more. E/W Stam seems a bit long & the two zippers give it a busy look. =) Let us know which one you decide to get. =)

    Harmoni: Are you getting a Black Stam?
  15. can u tell me how much off will the sales be on the MJ bags? how much discount can I get?