TIME TO DECIDE! epi pont neuf or mono BH?

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  1. Considering snagging a red epi pont neuf resell. The price is exceedingly right, but for about the same, I could get a brand new BH. Although the pont neuf is undoubtedly a great deal, I think the BH would be the wiser choice... I work in the legal field and I'm always lugging files and papers around... AND I'm going back to school early next year, and I think it'd be a good companion for book transit and so on.

    But the pont neuf is so awesome. :sad:

    What to do...!

    On a semi-related note, I'm relocating to the Chicagoland area for school; how will mono stand up to the wintery weather? (I'm from South Florida.)
  2. BH!!! i love the BH!
  3. Wow, huge difference between the 2, so hard to compare. Both are great.
  4. If you want to use a bag for carrying files, I think BH is great.
    If you want to use a bag for meeting or office related, I prefer Pont Neuf.

    Both are great like twinkle said..

    Ps. I live 2.5 hours up north from Chicago, and my mono is fine... :smile:
    Ps2. I'm thinking of having BH for carrying files too, I'm a university student...:P
  5. I sometimes carry a lot of papers for work and i got the bh for that reason. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
  6. I agree with Meeju!
  7. I prefer the look of Pont Neuf, but seeing as you require a bag to be able to carry files, I'll say get the BH. The Pont Neuf can be your next bag. Don't worry about letting that auction go, there will be others.
  8. Go for the BH...and it should be okay in Chicago.
  9. another vote for the BH!
  10. Bh!
  11. I think the BH wins it...! I really think it's the more practical of the two at this point. As cili wisely said, the pont neuf will come along again.

    Now I just have to sit tight till cyber monday! Only 16 hours. :P
  12. I personally like the Epi Pont Neuf as it looks so elegant. However depends on your need. The BH is more practical, for work.

    I think Mono is fine during the cold weather though.
  13. BH all the way!
  14. BH in this case.
  15. i vote for mono BH :smile: