Time to come back to LV...anyone hare for a reveal

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  1. It's been a while for me from getting LV...I have done a reveal on my recent purchase of SLP but it didn't work out...after some research I came home with this...

  2. Here here!!
  3. Here
  4. Here!
  5. Here and welcome back!
  6. Thank you everyone

  7. Here !!!
  8. Here also!
  9. Me!
  10. Here! :smile:
  11. Ok here it is...my new LV empreminte Keepall 45 bandouliere


    I was thinking to get it in purple or orange but my SA said blue looks the best


    I am sad with SLP duffle 24 didn't work on me...I LVoe the empreminte line but no styles work for guy...so glad they come out with Keepall...is the strap too short on me? What do you think?
  12. LoVe it! Enjoy!!
  13. Wow! Very nice!!
  14. absolutely stunning!
  15. So fabulous!! Congratulations!