Time to BEC a London Tote

  1. I have been emailing Jackie back and forth because I had her searching for black ostrich and a fuchsia matte. Also inquired about remaining lavendar pearlized PL - alas, none left. I also know that I luckily got the last of the cobalt matte for my in production Tote Me. BE can get almost any color of matte, but if they have to buy it special by skin, they must have a 3-bag minimum because that's how many can be made from one skin. So, they have to have a commitment for the entire skin. I didn't understand how the whole group thing or 3-bag deal worked so she explained it to me.

    As you know, BE is having to raise prices on BEC bags because the price they have been charging was only $30-$50 per bag more than a stock one. That simply isn't enough to cover the atelier's services, which take a day just to make one bag, maybe more considering all the customization options we've requested and they now offer as options. As you know, they have added more based upon our wishes and these things add to the atelier's production time to make the bag. So, the prices are going up.

    The bags in stock aren't always in the colors we want which means you have to BEC a bag just to get the color you want. BE is lowering the number required for a group from 8 to 6 to give people a break so they can BEC a bag in the color they want and pay the stock price instead of the BEC price, which again, will be going up. 6 people isn't many and most likely they will be in different towns or even countries. The group chooses a leather type, color, style, etc. and all will get the bag for the stock price, not the price that you would pay had you done your individual BEC. So, in essence, although there isn't a flat 10% discount anymore, the group price is going to be the stock price and not the much higher BEC price, which with the price increased, is going to be a greater discount than before.

    If you want a special color that requires BE ordering a special skin from the tannery, since each skin will make 3 bags, there needs to be a commitment for three bags. They can be different styles, different features/customizations (as long as the one you want is listed as an option and they have added, and will continue to add more options), different linings, even your own custom lining, hardware color, etc. The price for the three bags would be the BEC price because it truly is a special order leather and each person can individualize their bag. Of course, if you want to order three bags in different styles but the same color, you can commit to the skin yourself.

    I'm so sorry if I confused anyone. It seems the older I get, the more confused I become and thus, confusing to everyone else. I remember getting frustrated with my mother who was frustrated with herself; she'd tell me ... just wait, your time will come. Well she was right as you'll all see soon enough for yourselves. It's my understanding BE hasn't finalized anything yet but because I asked so many questions, Jackie was just trying to be helpful and answer them the best she could given the upcoming changes which are being discussed within the company but haven't been officially announced. Seems I opened a Pandora's box and for that, I truly apologize.

    Now ... on to the leathers. Yes, Jackie can get all kinds of colors but it means they have to make a special purchase. Minimum is 3 bags (one skin). Can be different styles for the three, but price will be BEC. Group is now 6, instead of 8, but price will be the stock price, not the much higher BEC price. The matte can be "printed" (embossed). They have a large pebble like is on the ipad cases, a small pebble (see attached), the black africa (which is a rough, walrus hide looking grain - actually very pretty) and a snakeskin print. The smooth leathers can be quickly obtained. The printed ones take more time because the skins have to be embossed with the print.

    Here is a swatch of the super soft deep pink matte with a small pebble embossing. If we don't get the print - the smooth version - it's available now. As you can see, it really is a fuchsia color, which I think would look great with silver lining and hardware. But again, if two of you want to go in with me, we can each choose our own style, color lining and hardware. If we want to pick a certain style, lining and hardware, then we can do a group (need at least 6, as already explained above).

    Another leather she can get, and is going to send me a swatch photo, is lilac matte. Now, that's something else I want to try. I've been wanting something lavendar so I can downsize my Kors bag. The other attached photo is Chevre leather (which is a thicker goat skin). I personally think this one is just gorgeous. I've never seen goat skin this smooth, gleaming. Just wonderful quality and it's a saddle type color. Would make a great Tote Me or even a London Tote or Hold Me. Jackie has a little of this available. I was asking about the ostrich and they found some of this.

    Hope this is helpful. So, who wants what. Cast your vote for style, leather color, printed versus not printed, lining color and hardware color and let me know if you'd be interested in a group, or just going in with me to be one of the three for a skin in deep pink and violet matte (printed or not printed).
    TPF Pink_with_small_pebbling_detail[2].jpg TPF DSCF5999 Chevre.JPG
  2. Thanks for sharing the information with us. The chevre leather is lovely!
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    So if you have a matte leather printed with a small pebble, does that make it less prone to dings and scuffing?
    And thank you very much for all the further clarifications:biggrin:
  4. Dear nunnla,

    Thanks for all of the clarifications. It's good to see that there is still an incentive for organizing the group orders. I just wonder by how much the prices for the regular BECs will go up.

    There will hopefully be a nice selection of stock items for this spring and summer :smile: And I really like the chevre leather in the saddle colour :nuts:
  5. I really like the goat leather - I've been wanting BE to get a leather that colour for ages.
  6. Yes, that goat leather looks chewy and ready for a bite! i can see it in a draw-string bag or a hug me! I wonder what models this will come in?? Oh why does it take so long to see the new models!!
  7. Lilac matte??? This I am definitely interested in!!

    And wow...love that chevre leather...it looks devine!
  8. did you all see the new tobacco matte on the site? Its supposed to be like tan except smooshier
  9. and yes, lilac matte - am interested as well (love purples/lilacs etc) but wondering if it will hold up better (ie scratching) if its printed with a small pebble??
  10. Jackie emailed me about the goat (Chevre). sorry if i am repeating info elsewhere in the forum ...... it comes in the tan at present and also a bubble printed option in black (I think, im a bit sleep deprived today - daughter no 2 sick at mo)
    im enclosing details of the Inspire Me she sent pic of in Tan Chevre, i think with tan lining and brass HW. its lovely but out of my price range at mo - think she said it is 10% more exp than Pewter crash......also the "Bubble chevre"
    hope this helps if you haven't seen before...
  11. Inspire Me tan chevre brass HW
  12. I believe it would. But ... I've found with the super soft matte, if you really put two heavy coats of TLC on it, it helps a lot. I'm not really "tough" on bags but recognized when I saw this leather (and I now have olive, Earl gray, pumpkin and coffee), that it was going to be "fragile". Therefore, I really put heavy coats (you do it twice when new, allowing a couple hours drying time between coats) of TLC on every nook/cranny that was leather. And, to date, not a single scuff on any of them. So, I'm pretty impressed with wearability of the smooth. It certainly has re-impressed me on the value of TLC. I do every single bag I own before use and put a single coat on annually thereafter for "maintenance". I do think the light pebble embossing will help as well.

  13. That is absolutely a gorgeous, gorgeous bag. That must be the darker color Jackie was talking about.

  14. LOVE the "bubble" leather...
  15. I love that color chevre for the Inspire Me. Wondering what other styles it would look nice in???