time of waiting

  1. Hi girls!!!!!I'm new..;) ;) I'm starting to love-love-love Balenciaga and I would buy one( a sort of present for the end-I hope- of a bad period of my life)I like so much the Work but I've not decided yet..how much do you have wait for your Bbag?(I think I'll buy it in a shop which has a lot of famous designers,not by eBay or internet sites)....Thanks
    P.s.:sorry for my English....:sweatdrop:
  2. Welcome Oli:flowers: ,
    it depends on several things:if you have the money,it takes a minute to get a bag in a shop,if you have to spare,it takes the time you need to have enough money,and if you're looking for a special bag(for ex.a work+a colour+ a specific year:leather and colours changes every seasons)you can wait for...years!:girlsigh:
  3. Aside from the budget, it basically depends on the style and color you prefer. Like what anilouann said, waiting for a particular color in a style will take years. I buy whatever I see that I like and since I am just starting to build my collection, I am not yet limited with style and choice colors.
  4. Welcome Oli, buying in a shop is a wise choice for your first bbag, that way you can try all the styles on first and find out which looks the best on you.
  5. not long, about 2 months since i was craving for one, i bought a used one on eBay :p
  6. Not sure if this it what you meant but there typically is no wait list for bbags in stores. well except you are registering for a bag that has not been released yet (a bag from next season).
  7. Ok,I understand...I would like to buy it for the next season(f/w 2007 2008)....maybe one day I'll have more than one!!!:p :p :p Thanks!!!!!!!!!!