Time of Day ~ Choice of Colour for Scarf

  1. I know we all have different rationales for choosing the colours of our scarves. All of that finer decisions aside .... I have been wondering if you choose your colours based on the time of day (ignore seasons) you would like to wear your scarves. Do you purposely buy a few scarves just for the evening? Do you tie your scarf differently between day and night?
  2. Oooooo great question, S!!!! I usually grab the less busy scarves for evening. Less busy meaning fewer colors and not-so-intricate design because I also wear more and different jewelery at night too......don't want too much going on, KWIM?
  3. Depends on the occasion. For casual dinners, I will wear a carre. More formal dinners, I will wear a shawl.
  4. Nope. I generally choose a scarf on the season.
  5. I do not choose the scarf by the time of day, although I think some designs might be nicer for evening than day or vice versa. For example some of the florals like Regina, I could see only in the day, whereas Cosmos might be nicer for the evening.

    For me it is also a more seasonal factor.
  6. Ditto--more of a seasonal factor or what I'm wearing, although I don't really use scarves for the evening now that I think about it.
  7. i only use scarves as part of accessory to the bag...ie..i dont put them around my neck....coz i've got short neck..and wearing scarves doesn't look nice on me= =
  8. Every year that goes by, I find more reasons to wear scarves to cover my, um, aging neck. In fact, I'm thinking of getting the one with the giant turkey because there's soon going to be a visible connection between it and me. (Don't anyone suggest getting the one with balloons and blimps on it to use as a belt, okay?)

    However, I just pick 'em to go with what I have on, day or night doesn't seem to matter to me. If a scarf doesn't go with my outfit, I go scarfless and take a muffler to go with my coat if it's going to be cold. I wonder how the combination of global warming and hot flashes (waning, thank heavens) is going to affect my scarf use. Hmm.
  9. ^^^There's just something about that turkey, that well, kinda scares me!:s
  10. That's the Texas turkey that ate Thanksgiving;) That scarf turned me into a vegetarian.
  11. :roflmfao:

    This is something I lose sleep over, anticipating the telltale turkey neck! I've been slathering myself with creme de la mer for a few months now diligently every morning and night...and some days I see one wrinkle starting to appear, and other days, it's completely gone! Dunno.

    I used to think those huge diamond necklaces should only be worn by young women because old wrinkly necks weren't nice to look at. Um, ahem....I'm getting tired of waiting for the aforementioned diamond necklace to show up - so my mind is quickly changing in favor of old wrinkly necks wearing diamond necklaces!!!
  12. I just grab what works for my outfit - the time of day does not matter much to me (though I do favor certain scarves over others for day v. evening).

  13. I can handle the turkey, it's my NECK that scares me! :shame: I mean, where is my regular neck, and why can't I have it back?

    Meanwhile, I'll just wear scarves!!!
  14. I never really use scarves at night, unless I am still in a jacket which needs the neckline filled out. Night time and dresses call for necklaces and shawls IMHO.
  15. D, would like to request that you take pictures when you wear a scarf for the evening please. I am sure you look very elegant each time you don a scarf for the evening.

    The one time I used a black scarf was to cover up the plunging neckline of a black blouse I was wearing (no amount of jewellery can cover that big open space)