Time Magazine Supplement Mentions Balenciaga as Having "Unwavering Popularity"

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  1. :tup: A supplement from Time magazine that came today with my normal mag is called: "Style and Design; The Design 100: The People and Ideas Behind Today's Most Influential Design".

    Balenciaga shows its beautiful self on page 49 in what I think is the Work style (no shoulder strap), tomato red...or one of those beautiful red shades and giant silver hardware!

    The article of which it's featured is called "Fashion Classics: Some designs surpass seasonal trends and are an indisputalble part of the fashion vernacular".

    Balenciaga Shot says:

    "Balenciaga's Motorcycle bags officially known as the Giant or Classic lines, have spawned countless knockoffs since 2001. The original's popularity is unwavering".

    Others in the article are YSL Muse, Jimmy Choo's Ramona, Chloe's Paddington and Marc Jacob's Stam!!!!!!!!

    Gooooo Balenciaga!!!

    And some people said we were just a fad...:rolleyes:
  2. I hate that Bal bags are so heavily knocked off but I consider our gorgeous, authentic ones to be a design classic. I plan on having both my RH and GH bags for years to come and love them w/ all my heart.
  3. Knock offs suck, but they're a back handed compliment. Anything worth desiring will be copied....unfortunately.

    But, the article is pointing out that it's popularity is not a fad or a trend, but is unwavering!
  4. That's awesome! Of Course Balenciaga's popularity is unwavering...That's because of our unwavering love and devotion to our bags!
  5. thanks mshel, im so glad to see this! :smile: just last week i was talking to my friend, who told me she wanted to buy a bal city, but all her friends told her not to, saying "nobody nowadays use this brand no more" and i was so bummed to hear that :yucky:
  6. of course, because crazy people like us are obsessed with them :lol:
  7. tPF is such an enabler! being here with fellow like minded obsessive collectors mean there will always be a demand for bbags!
  8. Thats cool to hear, bbags are where its at...
  9. i love bbags!! in Australia people dont even know what it is half the time. but i dont care! i still feel great carrying them and people always comment
  10. i heart bbags! thanks for sharing that article with us :smile:

  11. Society has no idea what we at tpf do for the economy! :lol: (but true!)
  12. Yayyyy :yahoo: Go Balenciaga! I hate fakes, but its totally true--they only make knockoffs of all the hottest and best brands! But I love my authentic babies--and will love the many more to come!
  13. ^^I hate fakes too. Last weekend my husband and I were in a restaurant and he got all excited because he thought he spotted his first Balenciaga - he pointed it out and you guessed it: FAKE. He was so disapointed! LOL
  14. LOL! wow! My BF doesn't even notice bags and your hubby is able to spot bbags, fakes or real, I"m v impressed! :tup:

    I love Bbags! Though I'm glad that the bags was endorsed, honestly speaking, I would love them regardless, how can anyone resist a b bag?? the buttery leather... the striking colour...sigh.. :love:
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