Time llimit on log-in?

  1. In the past I've always stayed logged in and could navigate anywhere in the forums without having to re-log in even if I'd been "away" for hours or used or opened a different browser. Now if I stay away for more than a few hours (I'm using FF 2.0 as my main browser) and try to refresh the page I was on before, I have to log in again. I've checked the Remember Me box each time I've had to log in and the only thing I can think of that may be causing this is that I've opened IE6 while still keeping some pages including TPF open in FF because I needed to visit one of my MSN Groups. I have FF set to accept cookies and to retain them between browsing sessions.

    Will just using or opening a second browser automatically log me out? Or is there now a time limit on how long I can stay logged in? :shrugs:


    (Oh, and if I use the Forum Default setting for the # of posts per page, on threads with a lot of pages the right side of the page, the full list of page numbers and the ads are still getting cut off. Using a setting of 40 posts per page seems to be the only way to cure it. Curiouser and curiouser.)
  2. And just now when I tried to Reply to a post, most of the Reply box was completely off the right side of the screen and unuseable. I'm just going to switch back to the old Forum skin for a while.
  3. I'm still wondering if there's any kind of "inactivity time-out"? If I'm away from the site for a few hours I have to log in again. Cookies are enabled and I check the Remember Me box every time I re-log in.
  4. I'm not having any problems like that{?}
  5. The forum has been super slow for me tonight...Im on the old format
  6. It's really slow for me too and a few times I even got just a blank page.

    I'll try clearing all my forum cookies and seeing if that'll help.
  7. it's slow, but it's not booting me or losing my cookies.
  8. The forum is slow tonight only because of the load, not because of either skin.

    As for the other issue, Vlad is going to get to you on it :yes:
  9. It may be your browser's security setting that is logging you out.

    Please try to clear your cache and cookies and relog and see if it happens again.
  10. I've been logged in for YEARS!! okay.. maybe not years.. perhaps, erm, a few months... but the only time I get logged out automatically is when I clear my cookies. Don't clear da cookies. :yes:
  11. Same thing happened to me the first day the skin was changed...I even had to reset my password since I only typed it in on the day I activated the account and never again needed to (I stayed logged in too). But now it seems to be working fine...It is running slow but I guess so many people love the new skin that everyone is on the forum at the same time...:shrugs:
  12. Well, I cleared all the old forum cookies and my sign-in seems to be working much better. One of the old ones may have been out of date or corrupted.

    There's nothing worse than stale cookies.