Time limit to file a non-receipt is 45 days from date of purchase or date of payment?

  1. I bought something from eBay on 23rd Nov but seller was out of town at the time. He came back about later and sent me a total invoice because I bought multiple items and wanted a combined P&P. I then paid on 29th Nov. The package was sent and then held at customs, I paid the fees etc and it was released for delivery. Christmas came and went and the package was still not arrived, so I call our post office only to find out they couldn't locate it. It's been declared lost. I want to file a non receipt but I understand in this case it's not buyer's fault. So I would like to give it as much as possible for the package to turn up and file as a last resort. So is the time limit for filing 45 days after purchase date or payment date? Thank you for your help!
  2. I would suggest emailing the seller and advising of the situation.

    If the package was insured by the seller they can claim it via the post office if the package has been lost.

    Once you hear back from the seller decide if it is necessary to lodge with PayPal or possibly they will refund given the circumstances.

    Good luck OP.
  3. 45 days from payment.
  4. From date of payment. The seller is the one who has to file a claim, they sent the package. You cannot do it on your end. Make sure that you do not let 45 days go by without opening an item not received with paypal or eBay. Good luck, I am sure it will turn up, things can get busy around Christmas, although it must have been sent well in advance of the busy period?

    Good luck, I´m crossing my fingers it will turn up asap!
  5. Thank you!
  6. Thank you dear lovely! It was posted end of Nov beginning of Dec. But got held at customs for a while, hence delayed it into the holiday season. It's been a nightmare with posts this holiday season with wrong items sent to my mailbox but items I and my relatives ordered still not delivered! I have already informed the seller what I heard from my post office so he will need to file a claim at his side. Very frustrating. I will make sure I open a case in the next few days with ebay. I also paid some custom fees so another nightmare to having to claim that back too. :nogood:
  7. What a mess! I have had to claim back Custom fees once, and all went well but it takes time and you need to file for it.

    Since I pay 30% ´+ in Custom fees in Sweden it is too much money not to bother.

    Good luck!
  8. That is untrue- at least if destination is in the US! The seller could file an insurance claim, but INR filing with eBay/PayPal is up to the buyer.
  9. That is what I said-.

    The sender is the only one who can file with the PO.

    The buyer/receiver of the non delivered item is the one who can file with ebay/paypal. I am sorry if my post was unclear, English is not my mothertongue.
  10. Okay- thanks for clarification :smile:
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  12. Hi, I understand your dilemma. I bought and paid for something on the 21st November. Seller posted it out same day and guess what ? It only arrived today!!! 3rd Feb.

    USPS didn't show any updates except that it was accepted.. Then nothing..

    I bet you will get your package in a few more days.
  13. Still late, but I think you meant January!
  14. That is a very long time to wait for a package..

    And it just arrived today, JANUARY 3rd...

    You were very patient waiting that amount of time...
  15. I hope mine turns up soon!!!