Time limit on returning things to outlet?

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  1. I just found a wristlet I NEVER used and forgot I had. If the tags are still on it and I have a gift receipt, can I still return it for store credit?
  2. I was told today by an SA and Manager that there is no time limit. Although this was in regards to a gift I purchased my sister. She is gone for a year and I wanted to make sure if she did not like it she could exchange it for something that she did like.
  3. Yes you can!
  4. Nice! Thanks!
  5. As long as you have the tags for it and receipt or gift receipt you can return when ever no time limit
  6. I returned something after 6 months. The tag was still on and I had a receipt. No problem.
  7. I just returned something that was from 2008 today....lol. Hated to part with it, but I havent used it! It was a SS Studded Gold wristlet I got for $20. Cute, but never used it, so I put it towards a wallet!