Time is ticking, I need to decide help!

  1. With the increase days away I need to hurry and decide. Do I keep the perforated tote I got today or get the medallian tote b4 the price increase? The SA couldn't tell me if the pref tote wld go up or not. Do any of you know? I do plan to resell later down the road. I have a few days left that I could exchange this one to get the medallian. Should I keep this one or get the one I know for sure that will go up in value? (I paid 1350 for this one at the ala moana store.)

    The perf bag is great I liked it as soon as I saw it. Love the semi casual look. I like that I haven't seen this one as much & I like that, but that cld also be a bad thing (some people assume its fake, may be hard to resell later). The straps are fat and look strange because they son't sit nicely over each other on my shoulder. I wonder how the perforation would hold up? SA said its not caviar?

    But the medallian seems kinda crazy for me to use with a t-shirt and shorts -- typical Hawaii attire, but I do love that bag sooo much and that is the bag that I walked in to get. I'm a libra so I can take years to decide and this time limit is killing me. Need ur help what do you think?
  2. Hey another Oahu gal! It doesn't seem like you're crazy about the bag you got,and the cons seem to outweigh the pro.

    I think the Medallion is tons more classic, plus, that's what you wanted to begin with!
  3. i think the medallion would be a better choice, imo. it's more roomy and timeless. good luck on your decision!
  4. I think the perforated tote you got is cute but I do like the medallion more. Besides, it sounds like the medallion is the bag you really want ;)
  5. Just wanted to say sorry about the spelling errors! Ha! But thanks for all your input guys. Sadly, I'm still on the fence.
  6. the bag you have is really nice, but i would pick the medallion tote. I think the medallion tote would look really nice with your hawaiian attire with shorts and flip flops. very very cute!!! But ultimately, go with your heart
  7. Personally I like the casual look of the perfo more ,on the other hand the medallion is so classy and chic and don't think it will lose its value.
    so I'd suggest you get the medallion...Librans are famous for their chic looks hehe!;)
  8. The medallion can be dressed down as it is a tote. It sounds like you really want it so I would say exchange. Re: your concerns that people will think the perf tote is fake, keep the tags and your receipt as well as the box, bag, auth card. When you sell you can have the receipt as additional documentation.
  9. i prefer the medallion
  10. I prefer the Medallion! I'm not personally a fan of the perforated. Since the Medallion is more of a classic the resale value will be better!
  11. medallion!
  12. From one libra gal to another, you'll probably always think about the medallion, since you had that one in mind. I luv the medallion. I'm seriously thinking about getting one in the next few days. Now, if the libra in me can settle on a color...that's also available!
  13. You can definitely wear the Medallion wth shorts and a t-shirt - it's a hip, chic look!
  14. I agree with the others - the Medallion!

    Your tote is nice and casual but I love the classic styles and I see no reason you couldn't pair the Medallion Tote with shorts and a tank/tee shirt.
  15. another vote for medallion :heart: